1. Canuck

    Another Table for Another Daughter

    Our second oldest daughter and her new husband approached me about building yet another table for the entry way into their home. I came up with this console table to fit the space. It is about 48" long, 15" wide and 30" tall. Constructed out of more of Scott Smiths fine RSRO. One stipulation...
  2. Canuck

    Grand Daughter's 1ST B'Day Present

    Well as all of my projects seem to do, they create some frustrations and teach me a lot but in the end everything ends up being ok by my standards in hopes that they will last a little while. I started by getting some awfully nice QSRO from Scott Smith back in early December. Being a real...
  3. Tarhead

    Daughter's Band on Food TV Thursday Night

    My daughter's band will have a cameo appearance on "Extreme Cuisine" tomorrow night at 8pm ET on the Food Channel during the Crawfish Boil. Can't wait to see what a "Cajun Microwave" is all about. From the show website: "Jeff Corwin uncovers tantalizing foods on his culinary quest through the...
  4. Mike Davis

    Spoon for my daughter

    She wanted a spoon to take to college, we looked at K-mart but she couldn't find one like she wants. So, I asked her to describe her best ideal spoon. This is it. 14 inch OAL, 4 inch long bowl x 3 inch wide. Sapele Another pic.
  5. Joe Scharle

    Canuck's youngest daughter

    is in the hospital with a serious pulmonary problem. Our prayers go out to her and Canuck's family for her full recovery.
  6. CarvedTones

    started whistles, but daughter had other plans...

    I am finally starting to catch on how to make these things... The top 2 are inspired by medieval artifacts. Still some fine tuning and finishing to be done, but they play scales (and songs in the right hands). The wide bore limits the range a bit (upper register is tough) but gives them...
  7. Ken Massingale

    I Made Some Time For A Daughter

    The eldest has a b'day coming up so I knocked out a quickie little clock for her to go along with another item she has asked for. It's Walnut with sapwood and a bark inclusion on the top of the curve, and a little natural edge on the base. The front is a laminated piece of spalted Oak I've been...
  8. Bryan S

    Couple of Christmas Presents for my daughter

    My daughter mentioned a few weeks ago about wanting a cutting board and here's what I came up with. One is cherry with maple accent the other is maple with cherry accent rubbed down with mineral oil. The second one did not turn out with as much contrast as I thought it might but good enough. I...
  9. PChristy

    Our daughter

    She had to have her appendix removed this AM and she is doing fine PTL
  10. DaveO

    Daughter's new nightstand WIP...now with Draws

    My daughter has graduated up to a "big girl" bed now. And along with that comes many projects for me to do. One being a nightstand for her light, water and other crap. I found several pictures on the web of nightstands that I could make cheap and quickly, and let her choose from them. This is...
  11. ScottM

    Gift for my daughter and son in-law

    It took me a while to unload the camera but here are a couple pictures of a gift box I made for my daughter and son in-law. The wood is spalted maple from the August wood run. I finished with BLO and then 4 coats of wipe on poly.
  12. T

    Okay Now!! We have a new daughter!!!!!

    Yup 12:19am 7 lb 12 oz all girl!!! More pics
  13. S

    Bunk bed finished for my daughter

    Last Fall I started work on building a bunk bed for my oldest daughter. The idea started as a simple loft bed so we can make use of the vertical space in her room. The original plan was very much like hpm67's recently completed loft. (http://www.ncwoodworker.net/forums/showthread.php?t=7203)...
  14. MikeH

    Daughter's loft bed and steps DONE!!!!

    I built my daughter a "loft" bed several months ago and I am finally getting close to finishing the steps that will come down from the bed. Here is the top step finally in place and ready to be final primed and painted. It is also the largest and heaviest as my wife can attest. We had a good ole...
  15. Travis Porter

    Daughter's dresser - complete

    I sprayed the Target water based shellac, and like David said, it is different. I screwed up and didn't have enough light and ended up having a few runs. Fortunately, it sanded out very easily and I was able to top coat it the next night. I ended up spraying 7 coats of Target Coatings USL...
  16. Travis Porter

    Daughter's dresser - construction complete

    I have been somewhat lazy in getting this dresser done. I screwed up the bottom and last drawer and cut the rabbets on the front the wrong way for the c*ck bead. So, I had to work out getting some wood that matched the rest of the drawers pretty well, and you know how it goes. So, I have...
  17. Travis Porter

    Daughter's dresser - WIP

    Well, I didn't get to go to the show today as the LOML's mother fell and hurt her hip yesterday. I did get a little shop time to work on the dresser I have started. I am building it out of cherry that I have had for some time. All the internal components (drawer sides, frame members, etc)...
  18. WoodWrangler

    Daughter Birth Announcement

    My wife and I are proud to share with NCWW members the birth of our first child on Monday, May 22 at 4:30pm in Charlotte. Her name is Hailey Hope and we've included a picture below. Please help us in welcoming her to this world!
  19. WoodWrangler

    Changing Table for Expected Daughter

    Thought I'd toot my own horn and share with all of you some pictures of the changing table I finished today. It's an accompanying piece to the crib that I built a couple months ago. The changing table is made of Cherry & finished with three coats of satin polyurethane. I used mortise &...

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