1. allisnut

    Delta Contractor Saw Fence Ideas

    I have an older Delta Contractors Table Saw with the 'old style' fence with round rails on the front and back of the saw. What can be done to improve the fence, without buying a better system? I'm going to try to clean and lubricate the fence tonight, but it has been hard to slide back and...
  2. J

    Delta Contractor's Saw $250

    Delta model 10 contractor's saw, currently on RDU CL. Title is "Table Saw- $250 Clayton." Saw needs some TLC to remove surface rust from top.
  3. Mike Camp

    Contractor Saw Restoration Complete

    All done. Well still have to fiddle with the fence alignment a little bit and cut the ZCI, but all the fun stuff is done. Special thanks to Bruce (junquecol) for letting me have this saw out of his personal collection for a very fair price, and helping me along the way including showing and...
  4. Mike Camp

    Contractor Table Saw Vibration Noise

    Just got my contractor table saw started up. It doesn't pass the nickel test right now. I ran the saw without the link belt on and the motor runs smooth. With the link belt on it runs, but is not exactly quiet. I checked the link belt orientation and it is correct. The bearings on the arbor...
  5. B

    powermatic 64A VS Craftsman contractor saw

    My Craftsman saw is having issues and i have always despised the fence. There is a PM 64A for sale in my area for 650. Curious if anyone in the forum has one and what their thoughts are on it. Is it a significant upgrade or should i just bite the bullet and spend a few hundred more for a used...
  6. J

    10" Delta Contractor's Saw $117

    Currently listed in tools section of RDU CL. Saw looks like it sat in the rain. Some TLC, and somebody can have a nice saw. No, I'm not posting a link. If you are too lazy to look it up, then most likely you won't have the umph to clean it up:rotflm:.
  7. Mike Camp

    SawStop Contractor Table Saw $1500 on Raleigh CL

    Not mine. Looks like you could save a few bucks if you were in the market for one. Also he has it posted on lumberjocks for $1400 so you might ask for the special woodworker discount ;)
  8. Canuck

    Vinyl Siding Contractor Recommendations

    Hi there. I am looking for a good vinyl siding contractor in the Raleigh/Durham area. Primarily looking for a reputable contractor that you would recommend for some repairs to existing siding. If there is anyone out there who wouldn't mind sharing their experiences (and contact info) it...
  9. Toddler

    Can I ask for contractor recommendations here?

    Hey guys, It's been almost 2 years since I've had time to do any real woodworking, but my wife and I are about to undertake our largest building project ever, a new house. The construction plans are being drawn, and we're currently collecting the information we will need to get permits and...
  10. Bugle

    Flooring contractor recommendation?

    Anyone know a good hardwood flooring contractor in the Raleigh/Apex/Cary area?
  11. ScottM

    Siding contractor in the Triangle

    I am looking for recommendations on contractors (who to use or not use) to replace the siding on one wall of my Cary house. I want to go with hardie plank. Please feel free to PM if you prefer.
  12. H

    Delta Contractor's TS - Raleigh CL $400

    Not mine - Looks well kept and a well-priced; has a pic of Delta Unifence, but says Beismeyer fence (?) Henry W ________________________________________________________________________ Delta 10" Contractor's Table Saw - $400 (Cary) Date...
  13. bobby g

    Delta Contractor Saw Wanted

    A builder friend of mine is looking for a Delta Contractor Saw, preferably one that was built in the 90's when they were fairly substantial machines. Please direct you responses to me. Thanks, bobby g
  14. merrill77

    Sawstop - contractor vs pro

    So I was in Woodcraft today ready to buy the Sawstop contractor saw. If I bought the contractor saw, I'd get the cast wings. I then discovered that the pro (with the 1.5hp motor) is only $500 more. I expected it to be more...which made me walk the out of the store to think about it more (I'm the...
  15. NCPete

    Grizzly 10" Contractor Table Saw.. $250 NOT MINE.
  16. J

    Delta 10" Contractor's Saw $95

    Currently on RDU craigslist is a Delta 10", belt drive contractor's saw, for $95. Ad says Delta 10 - $95,Fuquay Varina NC. Missing miter gauge and guard. For $95, this represents a STEAL.
  17. farmerbw

    Delta contractor saw mobile base options

    I've got a Delta 36-982 contractor saw with 30" fence, router table extension and the stock integrated mobile base. While the saw can be moved somewhat easily I'd like to improve it some if possible. I'm mainly interested in extending the base out to include the outward support legs for the...
  18. woodworker2000

    Raleigh Cl - Delta Contractor Saw w/Bies Fence and PC Router $400

    Looks like a good deal to me. Not mine. Linky: Delta Industrial Table Saw w/router - $400 (NE Raleigh) Date: 2010-05-23, 9:13AM EDT Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?] Delta Industrial Table...
  19. M

    Recommendation for Tile Removal Contractor near Monroe

    I am wanting to install a wood floor in my house entryway, but I would like to have someone remove the existing ceramic tile. It's on a concrete slab. Area is about 90 sq ft. Anyone know a good handyman or contractor? I really would like to hire a small a contractor or a good handyman, rather...
  20. gfernandez

    Need recommendation for HVAC contractor in Garner and Cary

    It's that time of year again, and I have 2 A/C units at the house and 1 at work that could probably benefit from a yearly tune-up. Anyone have recommendations on HVAC contractors that they have used and trusted? The contractor who built our house used WeatherMaster to install our system, and...

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