Contractor Saw Restoration Complete

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Mike Camp

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All done. Well still have to fiddle with the fence alignment a little bit and cut the ZCI, but all the fun stuff is done. Special thanks to Bruce (junquecol) for letting me have this saw out of his personal collection for a very fair price, and helping me along the way including showing and installing new arbor bearings for me. I also forgot to take a lot of before shots I put in one at the bottom, I'll do better next time.

The saw is a Durex 10" Contractor Saw sold mainly in Canada and is almost a perfect clone of the Delta/Rockwell Contractor saws. I used a combination of sanding and electrolysis to remove the rust and repainted with Ace rattle cans. The adjustment wheels and motor mount were powder coated by a buddy of mine.

Upgrades I've done are adding the 30" Delta T2 Fence, link belt, machined pulleys, new arbor bearings and added the mobile base. I still want to add a MicroJig splitter and swap the motor to 220V with a new safer stop paddle switch. Eventually I'd like to make a full tablesaw workstation like the one found in shopnotes #50 but my scrap 20 minute mobile cart will work for now.

I learned a lot over this restore which I'll put to use restoring a 1948 14" Delta/Rockwell bandsaw that I picked up from Bobby G. Special thanks to junquecol, Joe Scharle, Mark Gottesman, CDPeters and everyone else I forgot to mention that gave me advice and help figuring out the noise issues and tuning this saw.


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Bryan S

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Good job. That hard work will be more satisfying when you turn out projects. :icon_thum


Mike, Nice work. Sometime, come over, and I will show you my jig (trade secret) for installing a splitter in ZCI's Perfect alignment every time. Oh yeah, I picked up another saw (Delta contractor's) to occupy the space that yours freed up. Bruce
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