Walnut and Cedar for really low $$ on CL

    Somebody is going to be laughing all the way to the bank on these deals .... http://raleigh.craigslist.org/tls/525189786.html http://raleigh.craigslist.org/tls/525194769.html The lumber is somewhere in Cary. Looks like a sweet deal to me - sorry Jeff! UPDATE: Looks like some oak has been...
  2. TV

    Cedar Lined Chest

    Anyone have experience lining a chest with cedar? I am looking to line the inside of the front and sides but haven't determined the best way to attach the cedar. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks. tv
  3. J


    Well I think I'll go saw some more ERC before I head off to Raleigh this afternoon.
  4. G

    Free Cedar in Matthews/Charlotte

    Hi all, I have a big pile of cedar strips that were reclaimed from a closet. These would work well to line a chest or other box etc... I can not use them, so please come liberate them from my garage! They vary from 6-36" and I would hope that someone can take most, if not all of them...
  5. E

    Drying Cedar

    I have a question perhaps some of the sawyers or "driers" could help me with? I have a friend who has been air drying some eastern red cedar boards. He will bring them into an un-conditioned shop to acclimate for a month. If he uses it for indoor furniture should it be further kiln dried not...
  6. Gate Latch

    Gate Latch

    Gate latch on twisted post
  7. Twisted Post - East Side

    Twisted Post - East Side

    This view really made my day
  8. Close Up

    Close Up

    Birds eye view of end post.
  9. Twisted Post - West Side

    Twisted Post - West Side

    End post against block retaining wall.
  10. Fence Hanger

    Fence Hanger

    Close up of fence hanger on twisted post.
  11. Twisted Post - East Side

    Twisted Post - East Side

    This post is about 7' above ground.
  12. JackLeg

    Finishing Red Cedar and Cypress

    Anyone have a good suggestion as to what to use to finish ERC and Cypress for outdoor use? (Swings, outdoor furniture etc.) Would like to keep the natural look as much as possible with little to no "gloss." Any experience with any of the Thompson's Water Seal products?
  13. 6' Cedar Fence

    6' Cedar Fence

    Yous Truly
  14. JackLeg

    E. Red Cedar Finish Suggestions

    Folks: If any of you have experience with a good finish for red cedar for the outdoor environment, I'd appreciate your suggestions/experience. I have some red cedar swings we are building and several people have asked how to preserve the "cedar look" and what type finish to use. Thanx.
  15. Jay

    looking for cedar

    My sister in law is wanting me to build her an arched trellis and the plans she selected call for cedar. I am in the Goldsboro area and was wondering if anyone could give me some guidance on a good place to purchase some cedar. Thanks in advance for your help.
  16. sapwood

    Sealing western cedar

    I want to seal or fill the cracks/knots in some western cedar. Looking "rustic" is ok, but deterioration isn't. Size varies from 9" wide x 1/2" thick to 7" wide x 1" think. The finish will probably be BLO/Shellac/Danish Oil or some combination of those. Looky here: And here: TIA :-) Roger
  17. DaveO

    Funky Cedar pen

    While working on my end tables I thought I would work on something that I could actually hope to complete, so I turned a pen :roll: This is out of the funky Cedar stock that Jeff found. You can see it in it's raw state in this thread http://www.ncwoodworker.net/forums/showthread.php?t=8809 This...
  18. D

    Looking for large pieces of cedar for mantles

    I am looking for large pieces of cedar that i can make mantles out of say 8ft long 4-6 in thick and 10-12 in wide if its a little smaller thats fine but not too much smaller, larger is fine any suggestions? Thanks Guys! Or maybee something else that would make some nice mantles but i...
  19. JohnW

    Cedar Trees Coming Down

    Got a guy I work with who lives in Monroe... has several cedar trees coming down soon....they are old & large approx 24" dia. Maybe someone would want them??? Lumber? Turners? Fence Post? He'll just cut and burn so let me know soon if you're interested.
  20. jtdums

    cedar posts in charlotte area?

    Anyone have luck finding 6"x6" cedar posts in the charlotte area? I need to build an arbor asap. Thanks all. -Jim

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