1. MarkE

    Casters 50% off at Peachtree.
  2. Truefire

    Mobile Kitchen Island wheel casters advice?

    Hey guys i am in the process of building a mobile kitchen island cart and was wondering if you have any suggestions on the types of casters used. I desire to have locking ones that would readily roll on the linoleum floor in the kitchen without leaving indentations. Well of course i understand...
  3. N

    Carrymaster Casters

    I bought a set for my Jet and installed them today. I like them a lot as my shop is not permanent and I have to move the lathe from time to time. Wheels are fixed and the pads screw down to raise the lathe up off the wheels. This is also how I level the lathe. Conveniently enough, they are...
  4. Carrymaster Casters Close-up

    Carrymaster Casters Close-up

  5. Carrymaster Casters

    Carrymaster Casters

  6. S

    50% off Casters @ Peachtree

    Must type in special code when ordering: ED-061510 E-Direct Special ED-061510 Phone Orders 1-888-512-9069 Tech Support : Customer Service Home | Online Catalog These polyurethane casters allow for smooth, easy mobility around the shop, Great for mobile machinery, workbenches and...
  7. blazeman45

    3" Casters @ Woodcraft

    I was just at the Woodcraft in Greensboro... They have 3" locking swivel casters for $9.99 and 3" Fixed for $6.99. These are the ones with polyurethane tires rated for 300#. They were in bin marked managers special!! Once again, I spent money that I did not need to but who passes on a good...
  8. H

    Adjustable Height Casters

    I am looking for some casters, where he height can be adjusted via the stem from above the caster. To explain a bit further: I am making a movable island for the kitchen and I want to install the casters to the underside of the island within the toe kick box. I want to install them such that...
  9. T

    Need Help with Casters

    I built a HEAVY rolling cabinet/bench. I only has two layers of 3/4 plywood as the base and it is starting to sag. I was thinking of adding two casters to the middle for extra support. How would the extra casters (going from 4 swiveling to 6 swiveling) affect the maneuverability? I'm trying...
  10. cpw

    Colson 8" Fixed Casters in Chesnee SC

    Stopped in Chesnee Hardware & Supply this morning and they have a couple of Pepsi crates of 8" Colson fixed casters for $10 each. Not sure about material or what they are rated.
  11. Don Sorensen

    Aligning Casters ?

    Anybody here have a tip/trick, or other clever way to make sure that all four casters on a roll around cabinet are properly aligned? Or is it simply measuring twice with a good square and drilling once? I've got the standard two fixed and two swivel casters - 4 inch, 330 lb solid rubber from...
  12. M

    Adjustable Height Casters?

    Hi Everyone, I am in search of some simple casters that have an easy means of adjusting the height/level. I have some very old ones that have a threaded piece that goes through the mounting plate; this allows you to level whatever you are using the caster on very easily. Problem is that I...
  13. WoodWrangler

    Casters & Cast Iron

    In my shop, tools MUST be on wheels. I just don't have the space. So, I ordered the same wheels I'm using on my larger bandsaw from Great Lakes Caster. I ordered knowing I might have hole size issue and other issue ... but figured I'd work around them. And ... I have two issues. 1. The...
  14. Bas

    WW cl@ss - fliptop cabinet part 5: Installing the drawer, casters and supports

    Fliptop cabinet part 1 Fliptop cabinet part 2 Fliptop cabinet part 3 Fliptop cabinet part 4 Nothing complicated in this part, basically finishing up the drawer and supports to get ready for trimming the edges. Installing the drawer Installing a single drawer is not that difficult...
  15. MrAudio815

    PowerMatic 2000 Reliable Casters???

    Hey Guys,:wsmile: It's was nice to meet you all today at Klingspors!!!:icon_thum Guess what I bought today? :eusa_danc A PM2000 and was wondering how the heck I was going to get that beast off my truck and into my garage.:dontknow: Well there was a bunch of guys having a party next door and I...
  16. MrAudio815

    PowerMatic 2000 Reliable casters???

    Hey Guys,:wsmile: It's was nice to meet you all today at Klingspors!!!:icon_thum Guess what I bought today? :eusa_danc A PM2000 and love it so far. It is very Heavy and well built. I love the ease of changing the blade and the riving knife. The hand wheels are not as easy as the Saw stop...
  17. C

    Casters for RT...MM16??

    I have tired of the complete lack of mobility of my RT and the joke of a mobility kit for the MM16. Does anyone have a CHEAP solution? I don't want to buy some super-duper 15 dollars apiece casters if there is an inexpensive one available. I have found a few old posts with ideas for the RT...
  18. chris99z71

    HD dbl locking 3" swivel casters $11

    Heavy Duty Double Locking Swivel Caster From Peachtree Woodworking Supply Put your entire shop on wheels! These are not your run-of-the-mill casters. Features include easy rolling, non-marring, polyurethane tires which will not “flat spot” during long periods of remaining stationary. Both...

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