1. froglips

    Schwarz Blog: Workbench in Durham

    I suspect I'll be hopping in my car and making a field trip!! This is our very own AAAndrew!
  2. rcflyer23

    My Blog - Woodworking Wednesdays and Women in Woodworking

    Hey I know some of you know but I started a blog a few months ago more to have somewhere to chronicle my woodworking Journey but it's slowly turning into something fun and a little more than just something for me. One thing I am doing is a thing called Woodworking Wednesdays. I know it's...
  3. froglips

    New Handsaw Blog, Mike Wenzloff

    For those on the CUTTING edge of handtool life, I just SAW this and had to RIP off a post to everyone. Jim
  4. Gary K

    Kayak build blog

    Some time ago I posted pictures of the kayak I built on the Wood Magazine site. Not long after that I got a email from Marlen Kemmet Managing Editor of Wood Magazine asking me to call him. He asked if I had pictures of the build process, I told him only a few but I am about to start another with...
  5. K

    spalting blog at Fine Woodworking website

    Ok everyone, I've convinced Fine Woodworking to give me my own little corner for a spalting blog. I'm still receiving a large volume of spalting related e-mails each day, and I needed a way to quickly disseminate information. My introductory post...
  6. AAAndrew

    WIP - Roubu bench blog

    As I get older I tend to forget things a bit more easily. I'm sure none of you know what I'm talking about. :gar-La; So, I decided to record all the steps I've been taking in my workshop to build various things. It's kind of my aide memoire, which was a small book the Victorians would carry...
  7. R

    Cool blog! Andy Rae introduces Asheville Hardware to his readers ... he's as good a writer as a woodworker IMHO!

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