1. Dust Collector Bin Sensor with Service Switch

    Dust Collector Bin Sensor with Service Switch

    I have modified my sensor circuit to include a double throw, single pole (DTSP) switch adjacent to the photoeye. In the UP position, the sensor is on and blockage of the photoeye trips the relay, shutting down the system. In the DOWN position, the relay remains energized, keeping the DC motor...
  2. M

    DC Bin Options

    The majority of you probably have single stage canister or bag filtered dust collectors with a felt or plastic bag to collect all of the sawdust and chips you generate. One common characteristic is that these type of collectors are pushing dust to the collection bin, so it is under positive...
  3. Revised Controls Schematic

    Revised Controls Schematic

    Control Schematic with Bin Sensor and Safety Switch for Cyclone Dust Collector
  4. Cyclone Bin Sensor Schematic

    Cyclone Bin Sensor Schematic

    Basic control circuit for 230 Volt Cyclone with a Bin Full Sensor. Adapted from Alan Schaffter's original idea.
  5. S

    Cleanup after spraying BIN

    I just bought a new spray system (SLIM SP) and am about to spray my first project. This project needs to be painted. I'll use waterborn pigmented paint but first need to prime it. I am planning on spraying Zinsser BIN and need to make sure I have the proper solvent on hand for a quick...

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