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    bear with me

    I came home Saturday morning and found my life has been changed drastically. Things will eventually arrive at a manageable place. Until it does, bear with me. I'll try to keep up as best I can, but if I'm falling short please feel free to step in or chunk a rock at me. Thanks -
  2. oiled_9_


  3. Full tomahawk

    Full tomahawk

  4. bear left side above

    bear left side above

  5. handle detail

    handle detail

  6. ears and hair rear

    ears and hair rear

  7. head rt side

    head rt side

  8. nose and head front

    nose and head front

  9. head left side

    head left side

  10. handle with cross hatch

    handle with cross hatch

  11. color, oil, waxed

    color, oil, waxed

  12. danmart77

    Bear head Tomahawk Stage 2

    Finishing out the hair and head I thought I would paste in a few photos. I'm trying to replicate some of the original texture here and its a learning curve .. a steep one at times. To get the hair I burned in the grooves. Once I got something like the original, I used some ground up walnut...
  13. danmart77

    Ball and Bear Tomahawk

    Most of you have seen ball and claw details on some period pieces. Well here's a ball and bear tomahawk. I am using a photo of another recreation from an Iroqois tomahawk made of maple. I'm pretty busy at the moment building a rifle and a tomahawk but I figured I might as well go ahead and use...
  14. DSC081041


  15. DSC08103


  16. DSC08102


  17. DSC081011


  18. DSC081001


  19. DSC08099


  20. photo 2

    photo 2

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