1. MarkDarby

    Bandsaw goes click-click, click-click --- and dies

    Hi all, I have a Rikon 10-345 bandsaw that I bought second had some time ago. I tried (miserable failure) to resaw some maple over Christmas. The board was about 6" -- which I didn't think would be a problem for an 18" bandsaw. So... I watched a few YouTube videos and replaced the tires...
  2. G

    Resawing Oak 1x12 and 2x6 lumber; need help or guidance

    My wife and I are refurbishing a 101 year old house in the historic district in Sanford NC, and have been at it for the better part of a decade. Upcoming project is to redo the staircase, changing from pine to oak, repurposing oak railings/newels/balustrade Dad salvaged from a mansion that was...
  3. andrew@carolinafarmstead

    Bandsaw Table

    I'm posting my plans and some build pics of a heavy red oak dining table base I did about a year ago featuring some beefy bandsaw columns. The feet were also of course cut on the bandsaw. I had a lot of fun on this one, and it's always a good time to compare my initial Sketchup design renders to...
  4. A

    How to stop bandsaw from making odd noises

    I'm very new to using the bandsaw so I wonder is it normal for a bandsaw when cutting wood to sound like a metal grinding? It only makes this sound when I cut wood, do I need to lubricate the wheels or anything of the sorts? If I do should I use mineral oil?
  5. D

    Laguna Italian Bandsaw LT18HD 18", Like New, Resaw King blade (Charlotte/Asheville)

    Like new Laguna Italian bandsaw LT18HD. Currently located in Gastonia, but will move to Asheville if it doesn't sell quick enough. Lightly used for resawing small logs and veneer. Comes with a Laguna Resaw King blade in perfect condition. Also comes Laguna Driftmaster fence, a mobile base...
  6. N

    Resaw king blade 150”

    Brand new Resaw King 150" 1-1/4" x 0.024" x 12.14.16 mm Bandsaw Blade. Must pick up in Cary, NC. $100
  7. IMG_5529_1_


    Jet Bandsaw issue - parts
  8. IMG_5528_1_


    Jet Bandsaw issue - parts
  9. IMG_5527_1_


    Jet Bandsaw issue - parts
  10. IMG_5526_1_


    Jet Bandsaw issue - parts
  11. J

    Bandsaw Milling of Logs

    So I have a handful of logs in my backyard that were dropped and bucked to 2-5' logs, mostly pines. For fun today I brought a few of them to the 14" bandsaw and milled about 5 of them. A few were ~8" in diameter, two of them were about 10". Here are my spoils from the evening: milled most of...
  12. jonnyfontaine

    Setting drift on a Laguna 14/12

    Does anyone have any experience setting drift on a Laguna 14/12 bandsaw? Any advice you could help me with, thanks. Jonny
  13. CommGuy107

    A Couple of Great Books

    Just picked up a couple of new ( to ME) books this week. The first, "Bandsaw Handbook" by Mark Duginske is crammed full of useful information on setup, techniques, safety, and even projects for any bandsaw owner. I could easily recommend it to any woodworker - not just for the...
  14. Truefire

    14" Rikon bandsaw...slight table vibrations

    I had an incident on my 14" Rikon bandsaw a couple of weeks ago. I had a 4 TPI blade that possessed aggressive teeth installed for cutting larger logs in the rough. During that time frame that particular blade was installed, I attempted to take a short cut and use that blade to cut a segmented...
  15. Laguna LT18-3000

    Laguna LT18-3000

  16. Laguna LT18-3000

    Laguna LT18-3000

  17. Laguna LT18-3000

    Laguna LT18-3000

  18. Laguna LT18-3000

    Laguna LT18-3000

  19. S

    What to look for in a bandsaw?

    I'm looking to expand my tools to getting a bandsaw. Seems like there are many on the market. Here are my questions/concerns: I am pretty new into the woodworking department. I have a table saw, router/table, planer, miter saw, jigsaw and your regular normal tools...In order to get curved cuts...
  20. S

    Rockwell 10 Bandsaw

    Is this worth a ####? Rockwell 10" Bandsaw. If not, I am in the market to get a bandsaw but of course, not a ton of money. Don't really want to spend more than $200 if I can get away with it. Suggestions? At this point I can't say I would need it...

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