1. N

    Resaw king blade 150”

    Brand new Resaw King 150" 1-1/4" x 0.024" x 12.14.16 mm Bandsaw Blade. Must pick up in Cary, NC. $100
  2. IMG_5529_1_


    Jet Bandsaw issue - parts
  3. IMG_5528_1_


    Jet Bandsaw issue - parts
  4. IMG_5527_1_


    Jet Bandsaw issue - parts
  5. IMG_5526_1_


    Jet Bandsaw issue - parts
  6. J

    Bandsaw Milling of Logs

    So I have a handful of logs in my backyard that were dropped and bucked to 2-5' logs, mostly pines. For fun today I brought a few of them to the 14" bandsaw and milled about 5 of them. A few were ~8" in diameter, two of them were about 10". Here are my spoils from the evening: milled most of...
  7. jonnyfontaine

    Setting drift on a Laguna 14/12

    Does anyone have any experience setting drift on a Laguna 14/12 bandsaw? Any advice you could help me with, thanks. Jonny
  8. CommGuy107

    A Couple of Great Books

    Just picked up a couple of new ( to ME) books this week. The first, "Bandsaw Handbook" by Mark Duginske is crammed full of useful information on setup, techniques, safety, and even projects for any bandsaw owner. I could easily recommend it to any woodworker - not just for the...
  9. Truefire

    14" Rikon bandsaw...slight table vibrations

    I had an incident on my 14" Rikon bandsaw a couple of weeks ago. I had a 4 TPI blade that possessed aggressive teeth installed for cutting larger logs in the rough. During that time frame that particular blade was installed, I attempted to take a short cut and use that blade to cut a segmented...
  10. Laguna LT18-3000

    Laguna LT18-3000

  11. Laguna LT18-3000

    Laguna LT18-3000

  12. Laguna LT18-3000

    Laguna LT18-3000

  13. Laguna LT18-3000

    Laguna LT18-3000

  14. S

    What to look for in a bandsaw?

    I'm looking to expand my tools to getting a bandsaw. Seems like there are many on the market. Here are my questions/concerns: I am pretty new into the woodworking department. I have a table saw, router/table, planer, miter saw, jigsaw and your regular normal tools...In order to get curved cuts...
  15. S

    Rockwell 10 Bandsaw

    Is this worth a ####? Rockwell 10" Bandsaw. If not, I am in the market to get a bandsaw but of course, not a ton of money. Don't really want to spend more than $200 if I can get away with it. Suggestions? At this point I can't say I would need it...
  16. Bandsaw


    Rikon 10-325 14" Bandsaw purchased in 2012 from Klingspor in Winston-Salem
  17. 3/8'' Mounting Bolt

    3/8'' Mounting Bolt

    Machine is anchored to base with four 3/8''x1-1/2'' bolts - threaded into 3/8" nuts welded on the Base corner mounting plate. The counter-bored hole in the wood spacer block (4-1/4''x 5-1/2'' x 3/4'') provides clearance for the nut.
  18. Mounting Bolt

    Mounting Bolt

  19. Jet JWBS-16 Band Saw

    Jet JWBS-16 Band Saw

  20. Jet JWBS-16 Band Saw

    Jet JWBS-16 Band Saw

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