Transparent Wood - Seriously

Phil S

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Phil Soper
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I must try that on a canoe frame

Jim M.

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So wait, transparent like.... invisible? So I can sit in my shop watch TV, have a few brews and if my wife comes in say....can't you see I'm busy working on my project over there on the bench!

Henry W

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Wow - you can now make a 'river table' out of any piece of wood - add peroxide + sunlight, then some blue epoxy and tada!. We can get rid of 'ugly slabs' and do traditional tables - then create the river! Traditional and 'new' woodworkers will al be pleased!

Please note - tongue firmly in check - this is not a critique any particular style of woodworking! Just imagining the possibilities.

I actually look forward to the commercialization of this 'fairly' simple process. Having some process development experience I can say that processes are seldom as simple as they appear, but at first glance this appears to have real promise for building science.


All jokes aside, I can think of some applications for it. Places where you want light, but not a clear view and the risk of shattering is significant. One down side though, it would be inflammable.


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After reading the link, I liken this clear wood to the story of 'Rock Soup'. Yes, there's wood in it, but like the soup, it needed some carrots, potatoes, and onions to be soup..............

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