The one and only What are you Bringing list


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Berta —— Table covers, serving utensils left from previous picnics, name badges. Berta —— No Mayo potato and green bean salad.
Bill C — Nanner Puddin’
Raymond —Kidney Bean Salad
BWhitney —Cupcakes
Junquecol —Two large coolers of ice, Ice Tea, Hot Dogs, Deviled eggs, mustard,
ketchup, onions, hot dog buns, banana pudding with meringue.
KenofCary —Veggies and dip
Tim Sherwood -Deviled eggs
Graywolf. ——Bean salad
Mike Davis —A surprise
Michael Mathews — Guacamole
Phil S Crem Brûlée— individual servings
Golfdad ——- Paper plates and utensils
Mrfixit71 —-Cole slaw and a big bag of tortilla chips.
Sawman101 —-Chocolate cake with Chocolate icing
Melinapax. —-Dessert, to be determined
SteelerDave—- Blackbean and corn salad.
Steve Coles —- Brownies
Tar head ——— Two cases of bottled water.
Jeremy Scuteri — Green Salad and dressing.
Barry Wood —- Fruit.
MGreen93 —- Bags of assorted chips.
Cuprousworks —- Fruit Salad.
mpholway —- BBQ green beans
Partman—Hamburger buns.
DRW —- Vegetable casserole and Lemon Blueberry Cake.
DavidK —- Roasted Brussels sprouts.
Coleman—- Napkins, drinks, and whatever jumps into his cart
Tom.m ——- potato salad
cpw —- Tater Salad
KeLOGg—- Shrimp and dip.
Pdkennelly —- Pasta fruit salad
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I'll bring the raffle tickets and a roll to use for door prizes. Susan will probably bring some veggies and dip.

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