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Some people don't need to sand their wood after cutting with their scrollsaw but I am not one of them.This may be old to some but I made a sander for my Dremel out of a cotter pin with sandpaper wrapped around it.I cut the paper as wide as the thickness of whatever I am sanding and I put the paper between the legs of the pin then put the pin in the chuck.When the chuck is tightened it will hold the paper in place.I use a Dremel drill press and move the wood around the sander.I made a 1/8" and a1/4" for my larger rotary tool.Tony
Edit.The eye of the pin is below the wood in the hole in the table.
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Good way to make use of your dremel. That is giving me a couple of ideas:widea:.


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Tony, don't feel all alone - I too sand sometimes - Are you having to sand alot on the inside cuts? Or are you sanding the cuts just to get the little fuzzies off of the back? If you are having to sand alot of the inside cuts make sure you are using the right blade and I read in one of my mags. that if you keep the waste part of the cut to the right of the blade it will help with the saw marks not being on your finish side _ I do that and it does help - If you need to get the fuzzies off - again make sure the blade is correct - and to get them off I use a plumbers torch and lay the piece on a non-flamable piece and burn them off by swaying the torch back and forth - do this before you put and cleaner or finish on it - Hope this will help
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