Removing Oxidation stains from Red Maple


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Made a counter top from red maple slabs sourced directly from the sawyer. Counter top is for the garage/workshop/man cave.
During the kiln drying process oxidation stains developed in the sapwood.
When applying an oil based finish the stains become more pronounced.
Have experimented with used oxalic acid to bleach out the stains. If returns fair results by lighten up the stains, but they are still more present tan desired.
Not really interested in staining the maple a dark color as this covers up the hearth wood.
Anyone have any experience in using the A/B part wood bleach to remove oxidation stains?
Any additional suggestions appreciated.


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In my (limited) experience, if one wash of oxalic acid doesn't fix it, wait 12h and try again. I've waited in the past so that the wood can dry so the second round speaks in better, but it may not be necessary.

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I have used Draino to eliminate the stains.

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