POSTPONED April 4 Sharpening Workshop

Mike Davis

Corporate Member
Please post here only if you intend to take the workshop.
Date is April 4 Saturday, 10:00 to 4:00.
place is Bill Clemmons shop in Liberty, NC
Directions will be sent to participants the week of the workshop.

Donation to NCWW is requested. Use the donate button at the top of every page.
If your monitor is small you may see an arrow like > at the right side of the menu.
Use that to move over to the donate/pay menu, then use the second entry ‘Other Payments’
$30 is the usual donation.

So, what to expect and what to bring.

This is not a lecture, participation is expected. Learning to sharpen involves muscle memory and you must use your muscles to develop memory.

Bring hand planes, chisels, knives, scrapers (if you have never seen a cabinet scraper make fine curls of wood then you really need to be there!), axe, garden clippers, scissors, basically anything with an edge that should be sharp.

If we have time we may sharpen a small dovetail saw. But that really is a whole day of class by itself.

Hand planes must be partly disassembled in order to sharpen. Some hand plane problems may be addressed if sharpening won’t make it cut. If you have a specific question I will try to answer. But, this is not a hand plane workshop. That is a full day in itself. We will not be refurbishing hand planes from rusty junk to super tuned users In this workshop.

See the interest thread to see who may be there.

Phil S

Board of Directors, President
Phil Soper
Staff member
Corporate Member
Please sign me up. I really want to get better at sharpening my v-gouges

Mike Davis

Corporate Member
What do y’all think about splitting the day? Maybe 3 morning and 4 afternoon. No lunch, everybody wears mask and gloves?


I’m good with the smaller class good chance mask and gloves will not help as much as washing your hands often

Mike Davis

Corporate Member
Ok, waiting for Bill to chime in. It’s really up to him.

if you want to go ahead post morning or afternoon.

Bill Clemmons

Corporate Member
My personal preference would be to postpone until May, or early June. Everything I'm reading indicates the worst of this situation will be behind us by then and we can safely gather in groups.

One of the things I enjoy most about the workshops is the sharing of ideas and experiences w/ my fellow woodworkers. Small groups just don't seem to have the same feel in that regard.

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