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My maternal grandfather, Arthur Klammt was in the wood business he worked for the Wim Ritter Company. He invented a parquet flooring block which was called Ritter Block, and was used in many homes and apartments post WW2. Ritter was sold to Georgia Pacific in 1960.

Post retirement, he worked for Gus Van Essen Co. which concentrated on Walnut. In his basement was a DeWalt radial arm saw, a small kiln, and an amazing stock of walnut. My first experience with woodworking was with him and with my father.

Some 50ish years later I’m getting back into it. I’ve made good use of Craigslist and have acquired a nice 10” cabinet makers table saw, an old craftsman belt/disk sander and a Craftsman 14” bandsaw. I’ve also taken a chance on various tools from Harbor Freight.

My aim is to make a few electric guitars. So far I’ve made a few jigs, and a wooden guitar pedal board. I’m also interested in DIY shop tools. I have it in mind to build a router table, bandsaw and drill press tables, a scroll saw, and an out feed table/workbench.


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April Wilkerson and Matt Camaro (sp) did a YouTube video build of an electric guitar build they each completed somewhere in England. Kind of a complex undertaking although not so much as an acoustic I suspect if you negate the electronics.


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Rick, you might be interested in the Bluegrass festival exhibition space on the ground floor of the convention center today and tomorrow. There are tons of instrument makers, and while acoustic, they may have things like fret wire, fret boards, etc. that may be of value to you.


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Welcome to the forum, you will find all of us ...... here have many vises :D
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You might want to look for the book "Fine Woodworking on Making and Modifying Machines" published by Taunton Press, 1986. They seem to have discontinued it but when my original copy went missing a few years ago I was able to find one on line. Lots of interesting info. Third chapter is titled "Expensive tools do not a craftsman make".

If that fits your approach it will be a good book to have around.


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Welcome, Rick! Please post pictures of the guitars you make as well as the process / jigs used. Always interesting to see how projects are made as well as the final result.

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