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Well, set up a profile quite a while back, and never really had much to post. I live outside of Davidson, NC and have always enjoyed DIY projects ever since my grandfather dragged me into his shop in the early 80s. Over the past few years, the kids have grown up and I finally have a single car garage that my wife has graciously given to me as a workshop, and I've been busy setting up the new space (have to share it with a tractor, but I'll take it!). I've been collecting some old iron for some time, so now I have no excuses for not refurbing, tuning and making saw dust. My first project is a new-to-me 1980 Rockwell unisaw purchased from a storage unit in Rock Hill, SC. Seems that the previous owner had the habit of moving disassembled machines from one location to another during his travels, hopefully a habit I can break. I've attached a picture and will update it as progress continues (along with calls for advice as I run into trouble).


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bob vaughan

Bob Vaughan
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Nice Unisaw. Looks to have a big Baldor motor on it. You're really going to like that setup once the saw gets going. The Uni is a favorite over at for restorations. I've rebuilt many of them over my lifetime. There are lots of parts available for the Unisaw. The one you have uses a couple of standard 6203 bearings where the older models used extended race bearings that are a bit more expensive and not as commonly available.


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Glad you are here. Now get to the wood ! everyone here is a wealth a info and assistance. :)

Bill Clemmons

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Welcome, Mike. My Unisaw is a 1982 model, very similar to yours. As Bob said, it's a great machine. You'll enjoy it.

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