Miter saw and stand for sale


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I wanted to post this here before going the Craigs list or FB Marketplace route.
This is a Hitachi C12RSH Miter saw. Used in a home shop and has seen moderate use. This saw has plenty of life left. The stand is a Best Fence from Fastcap and works well as a job site stand but I used it in my shop and it is just great. The stop blocks and built in tape work great. There is a cut list holder. I am also including a Chopshop hood from Fastcap which captures a lot of the dust. I have moved to a Kapex and need to get this out of the way. Looking for a quick sale so I am pricing this at $500. If you lookup the saw stand you will know this is a steal.
I am locating in Chocowinity NC, which is just outside Washington NC.
MS collapsed.jpg
MS side view.jpg
MS with stand.jpg
MS with chopshop.jpg

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