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I'm finally getting around to this post. I joined the site in 2010 but wasn't really active until several years later. Somehow I missed adding an "about me" thread, so here goes...

I'm a native of Western North Carolina and have never lived in any other state. Like so many my path to Raleigh went through NC State University, where I attended graduate school from 1984-87. After graduation I got a job at IBM as a programmer and stayed in the area.

My father was an old-school carpenter who did everything from dig the foundation to build the kitchen cabinets when it came to construction. I still regularly use a lot of the tools handed down through him. Growing up with access to so much experience, scrap wood and equipment it would have been difficult for me not to become a wood worker. It's "in the blood" as they say and something I've continued to enjoy all my life.

My current workshop takes up about 600 square feet of our basement. It's where I spend much of my free time. I have all the usual power equipment (table saw, bandsaw, etc), but several years ago I began to focus more on the use of hand tools and traditional joinery. Since then I joined the Mid-West Tool Collectors Association and began regularly attending classes and conferences like the one hosted at Colonial Williamsburg each year. Besides building furniture, I enjoy making tools and shop fixtures, as well as restoring old tools. Much of the equipment I have is "vintage" but then again I'm getting to an age where the same may be said of me!

It's a pleasure to be part of this forum. I've gotten so much out of reading other's posts -- how they solved particular problems, new (to me) techniques and inspiration from all the amazing things people create. A very talented bunch!


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Jim, welcome! Since you are a regular contributor to the site, I'll simply say that I look forward to you continuing to post your work which demonstrates exquisite craftsmanship that includes both furniture and hand tools!


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Jim-Always liked your posts indeed. I'll forgive the "programmer" shortcoming, we all have them.... :p


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Jim, you've become a mentor to many here, always enjoy your posts and look forward to seeing you again soon.

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