Last minute opening...

Mike Davis

Corporate Member
Looking for someone to demonstrate woodworking this week Saturday Nov 2.
Can have electrical hookup if needed.

I know it too short notice for the trailer, can anyone come and turn something or build a box... anything?

The 12th Annual Colfax Persimmon Festival
Saturday, November 2, 2019, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Historic Stafford Farm, on Bunker Hill Road at the Colfax-Oak Ridge, NC border, comes alive again on November 2 to celebrate traditional farming and the native North American fruit, the persimmon. Persimmon trees have been a part of the farm for years.
About the 2019 Festival
If you've never attended the Festival, here's what to expect this year -- a great value with much to see and do, on the grounds of a long-time farm with a historic home and a variety of outbuildings. You can:
- tour the farm at your own pace
- hear great live music
- eat tasty southern food from a selection of vendors, at our outdoor dining area
- see 40-plus art and craft vendors offering quality items for your shopping pleasure.
The Festival also includes, for one low admission price that helps to keep this traditional farmland intact:
- educational historic farm tours, and talented educational demonstrators bringing a bygone era back to life
- an apple cider press demo
- Civil War camp with baking demo
- Revolutionary War camp with cannon
- cow milking booth
- hands-on metal detectors
- pottery-making demo
- tobacco stick maker; working blacksmith; flint napper on site
- hit & miss machines
- vintage weapons
- car & tractor show with Model A's
- and a quilt raffle.
Come spend some time in history on November 2 at Historic Stafford Farm!
Parking and Shuttle: How It Works
Parking is prohibited on either side of Bunker Hill Road on the day of the festival, for some distance around the festival site.
This is why we provide shuttle bus service to reach the festival site. Your off-site parking is located at the Shady Grove Church, 119 N. Bunker Hill Road, a short distance north of the West Market Street intersection in Colfax.
Our air-conditioned and heated shuttle buses will take you from that location to the festival site near the ticket/entrance area. From that same place, you will be returned to your car when you are ready to leave the Festival.
If you have a current handicapped parking tag, please ask at the Church for directions to the handicapped parking area at the Festival site (which is located near the ticket/entrance area).
Golf cart tours of the Festival are available for handicapped persons.
Please remember that the Festival is held at a farm, with no paved areas. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended.
Live music is a big part of each year's Persimmon Festival, from the stage built for this purpose at the restored Barn.


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Sorry Mike I'm obligated to do other things. Other than that it looks like it would be fun.


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I need to catchup on chores here. Hopefully someone up that way can help out.


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Unfortunately, I'm not able to make it

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