July 4th Safety

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As we prepare to celebrate America's birthday I feel I would be remiss as a former member of the fire service if I did not remind folks to be cautious. Large sections of the NCWW service area are suffering from drought conditions with the inherent hazards. The local town here, after consultation with state officials has already cancelled the town picnic and fireworks because of dry conditions. Please use extra care around the shop and home, while using charcoal grills, and firing pyrotechnics. If you need more incentive to do so beyond my humble words just Google "Colorado Fires". I wish all a safe and happy 236th USA birthday celebration tomorrow. :gar-Bi


This is a very timely reminder for all our members. Growing up in Florida, with all the summer droughts we had in that time, I have long since lost count of all the accidental fires I have seen started from simple things like cigarettes, fireworks, trash burning, campfires, and even lightning. It never ceases to amaze me how many people will still light fireworks or burn trash when a red-flag warning is active.

I love fire, but I have always been a firm believer in the attitude that one has no business lighting a fire without a fire extinguisher nearby. I won't even light so much as a candle without an extinguisher nearby. You never know when things are going to take an unexpected turn (e.g. a gust of wind) and that 30-60 seconds it takes you to find a hose or extinguisher after the fact is all the time it takes for a perfectly manageable mishap to spiral out of control. Even if you have a hose nearby, there should still be an extinguisher because even the best hose has only a limited reach.
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