Hello woodworkers


Eric Lassiter
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Hey everyone, happy to be a member of the group. Ive been on the facebook page for the past few months and have learned a lot from there. I hope that the forum will provide me with even more information. I recently graduated from UNC and am applying to medical schools. I picked up woodworking at school when I found out we had a woodshop available in our MakerSpace. I plan on taking on a lot more projects in my year off from school, and am excited to see what everyone else in the community is up to!


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Welcome to the forum, you will like it here!

Also Eric, do you know what the difference between a musician and a doctor ? ......... both study for 12 years their craft .......... But only the musician goes out and performs the doctor still, only practices ...... ;) :D

Bear Republic

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Welcome to the neighborhood! Lots of great stuff to learn from some really great people. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

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