Festool CSX Drill Smell


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My Festool CSX drill is without a doubt the best electric screwdriver I've used. It ought to be for what it costs. Lately, every time I use it, I smell a smell as if the motor is burning up. Others have complained about it, but I haven't found an answer. It certainly hasn't been used enough to wear it out. It's way out of warranty. The smell stopped me from buying a second one to have in my upstairs shop when my first one is the garage.


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Even though it is out of warranty, I suggest calling Festool's tech support number and tell them about the issue. You may be surprised, they may have experience with the problem and can suggest a fix; if not, at least you tried. Several years ago I had a problem with a Festool sander; I called tech support and the gentleman I spoke with thought it sounded like the brushes were bad. He said I could either send the sander to Festool for a definitive diagnosis and repair, or I could buy the brushes and install them myself. I decided on the second option. I don't recall how much it cost for the new brushes, but I do remember thinking it was very reasonable. When the brushes arrived, along with step-by-step directions, it turned out to be an easy fix and the sander has been working very well since (knock on wood)!

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