Dust Collector Venting Outside

Flute Maker

I have a HF dc and want to vent outside....Ideally I know it would be best to go straight to the back of shop and vent there with no turns but my LP gas tank is there.....So would performance of the dc be worse if Imade a turn to go outside and vent there? The length of the run would be 10’ this way instead of 20’ going out the back! Also I would have to move some heavy stuff out of the way if I went out the back of shop..


Phillip Cooper
Corporate Member
Mine currently is a straight shot outside, but I did try it with a 90 on the end of the pipe to direct the chips to a certain place... can't say that there is a lot of difference, but there is some. I think I like the straight shot better but not as satisfied with where the chips are going. I don't want to do more pipe to move it further.


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Use a couple of 45 degree couplers instead of a 90. This will be less restrictive

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