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We needed a new headboard for our bed which sits out from all the bedroom walls. This meant that the normal back of the headboard be finished from top to bottom. Jean and I shopped around for such a configuration but didn’t find anything suitable, so we decided to design and build one ourselves. After several design iterations and a model, we ended up building the one shown in the photos. The “arch” was constructed using Wenge veneer over a double thickness of ¾” Baltic Birch plywood. The plywood edges were banded with 1/16” Wenge strips. The “loop” is ½” Baltic Birch plywood veneered with Lacewood – front, back and edges. The cherry slats are solid hardwood. The slats and the ends of the loop fit into mortises in the arch. To facilitate assembly, the arch is joined under the top keystone shaped cherry piece using a floating tenon. There is a 4” wide interface panel between the headboard and the mattress to allow the design to show on the bed side. The finish is several coats of General Finishes Arm-R-Seal. Thanks for looking.

finished headboard1.jpg
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Bob, beautiful craftsmanship and intriguing design! It is wonderful to see you posting your work again...we missed you!


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That is some real eye candy! I love the design and your explanation of construction details. My head is hurting just thinking about making all those mortices. Thanks for sharing.


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Great piece Bob. It looks to have been a fun build as well

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