Composing a post buttons, what are those for?

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We've had a good many new members join up lately so we thought we should help them by explaining the purpose of the icons below their names & avatars:

This one is to report posts to Moderators. If you feel the particular post is not appropriate for this site, click here & the Moderators will be alerted. We will review the post ASAP & take the appropriate action. We can edit or delete the post if we feel it is necessary. This is something we take seriously as we try to protect the friendliness & integrity of this site.

This icon shows the IP address of the post's originating computer Clicking on it will also give the Host computer's info. Just a lotta geek stuff if you ask me. :icon_scra

If you wish to subscribe to a thread, click here. You will be directed to a page for your preferences as to notification when a new post is added.

This allows you to see a printer friendly version of the post in case you wish to make a hard copy.

If you would like to send the post as an email, this is what you should use.
A pm reply to the sender including the original post is started by clicking here.

This is the edit icon. If you're a poor typist like myself, or you happen to think of something else you want to include in your post, use this. You may edit only YOUR posts. Moderators may also edit your post if we feel it contains inappropriate content, but we'd rather have you do it if you will.

Replying to a thread with a quote of the original thread begins here.

If you want to reply to several quotes with only one post, click the ones you want quoted This icon will turn red along with all the others you've clicked. When you then click Reply to Post, they'll be there waiting for you.

Quick reply allows you to do just that. No laughing icons, thumbs, etc. Just text.

Pretty neat, huh?:eusa_danc

We hope to have this along with other helpful How Do I? pages for site functions posted on the site permanently soon.
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