Cabinets for the finishing room


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I took Phil's advice and got 'er done, installed the cabinets I picked up this morning. Super happy with the result, got rid of an old nasty standing cabinet that was overflowing with stuff, now all my finishes and paints are neatly organized.

Phil - THANK YOU FOR THE CABINETS! There is a lot of your personal time that goes into posting pictures, managing the queue of beneficiaries, arranging pick-up times etc. Not to mention riding the elevator a couple hundred times today. Much appreciated.

Phil S

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Phil Soper
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Nice job, they look great. You are welcome


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Very nice to meet you today Bas. Thank you so much for the extra hand loading up my haul of cabinets. Jacob and I were able to get them in the shop but not in there permanent spot yet.
Phil, thanks again for saving the cabinets for us “pack rats”. They will be put to good use.

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