Automatic dust collection


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When I put in my system in 2016( see Tutorials Resources Pro 2000 installation) I had every intent to put in a system based on Allen's posts. I have air cylinders, current sensors to detect when a machine is turned on, a controller to activate each gate, etc. I had made up Alibre drawings for the gates.

What I ended up with is two Remote controllers. In my shop I can take about two steps from one point and reach the most used gates - table saw, miter saw, band saw. the jointer and planer are next to each other. I just decided to see, if in my case adding all the rest was effective, so left automation of the gates out. It works for me so it is unlikely I will ever use all the stuff I have. I like gadgets and have many for the machines I use, my goal is efficiency for my use. So not everything gets a full blown A+++ system.

Might post the equipment someday for sale.



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I'm with Bob except I never invested in that much automation. I did buy a relay and switches to turn on my DC when I opened a gate. But then I saw a remote switch for $15 and I think it is enough "automation" for me. So far I just have three gates and I can see them all and get to them in a step or two. So I have to open gates manually and then push the button on the remote.

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