April 2015-NCWW Monthly Contest-Best fix for your own mistake

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It happens to everybody - You first ask yourself, how did I do that and then you take a seat on your moaning stool and figure out how to correct/cover what you did.
It might have to be a do over or you might be able to just add a new design element. We can all learn from each others remedies.

Tell us what went wrong, add a picture if you actually took one and saved it. Then tell us how you turned that around, hopefully with pictures.

I will enter as soon as I sort thru all the mistakes/process corrections I have made.

W Burton

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Okay, I will give this contest a shot -- I have made my share of mistakes!!

Has anyone ever been to a veneering class? Well, neither have I. And it showed when I tried my hand at veneering the front of a slant front desk. I found some beautiful burl veneer, along with some cherry and maple to match the other elements in the desk. I cut all the pieces and taped them into place to see how it was going to look, and it was looking really nice . . . .


This was my first attempt at doing any veneering of a larger area. What happened next was a disaster. I had read/heard that rubber cement will "creep" over time and can mis-align. So, on someone's advice, I used Titebond glue. And, I suppose I used too much. All of a sudden, all those nicely trimmed pieces started expanding and moving because of all the moisture. There isn't much time to work with Titebond anyway, and I didn't know what to do to save the front piece.

When the thing dried, it looked like a kindergarten paper mache project. I ran it through my planer and took the layer of veneer off. I wasn't going to try veneer again anytime soon.

The front piece takes some work to make. There are hinges to align, and angles need to be pretty accurate. But, I decided to start over with a nice piece of mahogany and use a bit of maple to accent. Not nearly as nice as what I had first attempted, but it turned out okay.


I still hope to take a veneering class one of these days . . . .


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I'll have to pass on this contest because, personally, I never make misteaks (once, I thought I made one, but I was wrong).
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