A few projects


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I just finished this for my wife, located on the back porch. the only two goals, be able to sit on it and room for the crates under it

This second project started when a young couple who moved in a few houses down asked if I could help her build a coffee table. She found what she wanted online (for about 2000) and asked if we could build it cheaper. Of course I said. I had some white oak that I got for 1.50 BF, so we used that. After explaining all the joinery options, she wanted to try a few different ones. The bottom legs are glued and screwed, with plugs covering the screw holes. The top is just glued together, and the top is held on with figure 8's. the stretchers holding the top are Kreg screwed to the base portion. The only method we didnt use was M&T. She was wonderful to work with and I made her do 90% of the work. she hand sanded everything, as well as the stain and finish

This third project was for my son and his girlfriend. They wanted a river table for their hallway. It came out pretty well, but the top is a little thin for me. They like it, so thats all that matters. size is 11" x 41". Epoxy cost right around 100, legs 50, so all in around 175.


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Very nice! Most important thing is also that the recipient likes the item. We all often become our own most difficult critic.

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