1. Douglas Robinson

    A Few Words From the President

    A Few Words From the President For a while now, I have batted around the idea of making regular (say monthly) posts about what is going on at North Carolina Woodworker, Inc. This is my inaugural attempt. BOD The New Board of Directors started their terms July 1. I am repeating as President...
  2. SteveColes

    Arizona S. Group Buy - Final Words

    This group buy ran into some problems and did not work out. I became involved in this as webmaster for 2 reasons. I received several private communications about its progress. When the buy was canceled, several people posted how they were upset or wouldn't purchase from the vendor because of...
  3. chris99z71

    Any words of wisdom for removing rust?

    Anybody got a good system for removing rust from a neglected table saw top. The top and cast wings have been removed and I took them to a machine shop to have them media blasted at lunch time today. It turns out that the only big, automated blasting machine that they had uses steel shot...
  4. Monty

    Two words:

    FIRST . . . PASS 8-) Here are some more detail pics: (click the thumbnails to see full-size pics) . . .

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