1. michiko


  2. M


    I'll be away on a Caribbean cruise with a big group of family members from Thursday, Oct 6th until my return late Monday, October 17th. We will kick off the Fall 2011 Raffle during the week I return, so the staff will need to be prepared for online ticket sales. Tracy knows the drill and we'll...
  3. CrealBilly

    What I did while on my IL vacation

    Hooked up with a buddy I've had since grade school, who is a full time luthier. After 15 hours in his shop and under his careful supervision, this is the result. Meet Deana, my new fretless 4 string bass. Did we cheat a little? Yep we sure did :) we ordered all the hardware, a soapbar pickup...
  4. Mt. Gomer

    Bunk Beds WIP - Build complete now on to finishing

    Sooo, I have no idea why I didn't think of this before but I've discovered a wonderful new vacation destination: The Shop!!! I decided to take the week off so I could actually get down there and it's one of the better ideas I've had. I mentioned in another thread I was going to be building a...
  5. CrealBilly

    What I did on my two week vacation?

    I spent a lot of time in the woods playing lumber jack and just as much time running the sawmill in southern IL. Made a bunch of new contacts, established a great paying market for fresh off the log lumber and got 4 tracts of forest land lined up to harvest :)
  6. Mike Davis

    Vacation in Montana?

    No free lunch, right? A friend of mine is planning to restore a Victorian Mansion in Montana to a B&B and resort and needs super craftsmen to help with the wood work, plaster work, stone, tile, electrical, etc. all phases really. He has plenty of grunt labor folks but you can imagine there is...
  7. D

    What I did on my summer vacation

    A friend at work asked me to build two large cabinets to take the place of closets, of which their house is a tad lacking. I decided to document the build and share the work via pictures. The two cabinets are identical, with sapele frames, sapele plywood boxes, veneered birdseye maple panels...
  8. farmerbw

    Random cool wood on vacation

    We recently spent 2 weeks vacationing in Avalon NJ and thought I'd share some random wood items encountered. First not long after arriving my MIL decided to give me my B'day present a couple of months early and presented me with this cool book. Signed by the author himself while he was in...
  9. Mt. Gomer


    In case y'all hadn't noticed the thread in Off-Topic I figured I should officially annouce it here. I'm heading out on Vacation tomorrow AM and will be Back sometime around 7/11. I'll be online off and on but probably won't have much time to put into the Mod work. See y'all next month! Travis
  10. Ivey

    Vacation to the hills!!

    Wife and I will be leaving here Friday a.m. heading to the big hills of N.C. I know that its not a big deal for alot of you living in or close to the mountians, but it's a real treat for us to go once a year . Anyway we will be going up I-40 to Asheville if anyone needs any cypress or pine...
  11. Rob

    This years vacation

    Wife signed me up for this one week class in November at I'll be taking; She's going with me taking a creative writing class. Should be a fun week.
  12. rherrell

    Folk School Vacation

    I'm thinking about spending a week in the NC mountains at the John C. Campbell Folk School. Jim Burrowes is having a class in turning fundamentals. I figure it's a good way to get some hands on instruction and relax for a week in a beautiful setting. Any thoughts? Has anybody ever been there...

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