1. Jim Murphy

    One man's trash...

    One man's trash is generally another man's trash, contrary to what you thought. However, I have a rather large assortment of walnut off-cuts and shorts and walnut firewood. I also have a friend who heats with a wood stove. If you're close by Wilton (halfway between Creedmoor and...
  2. D

    Question about weight of chipped wood

    I have been slowly trying to get a small shop together. A dust collector and shop air cleaner are in the shop waiting for install along with a small lumber rack also waiting to be finished. I have a question as to the weight of a trash can half or slightly over with chips and dust from the...
  3. Parts list

    Parts list

    Finished dimensions. Allow extra for milling and finishing
  4. Face view

    Face view

    Face dimensions and stile/rail profiles
  5. Top and Bottom View

    Top and Bottom View

    Bottom panel Dimensions
  6. Gofor

    More Trash

    For those interested in making the angled trash can, I have uploaded a few photos (20+) in my gallery under the folder "HowIDidIt". There are currently no photos of my dimensioned drawings, as they are in pencil and are not showing up too well on a photo, but i will add them after I go over...
  7. Book Matched Panel pieces

    Book Matched Panel pieces

    Book Matched stock
  8. Characters


    What do YOU see
  9. SYP trash can

    SYP trash can

    Waste baskets made of SYP (2 x 8 construction board)
  10. Finish blemish

    Finish blemish

    right one shows stain blotch and slight sand through of sealer
  11. sapwood

    Trash can separator and odds and ends $40

    Not mine, Raleigh craigslist. Roger
  12. MikeL

    Trash Can Lid Separator Fit???

    Hey gang, I ordered one of the trash can lid separators and it says it fits a standard 20" can. Well, after dragging it through the store and trying it on each variety at the BORG, I still couldn't find one that seemed to fit properly. Question: Is there supposed to be a snug fit or does...
  13. GarbageBins-1


    Trash and Recycle garbage bins. Made with pine.
  14. SteveColes

    Trash Can Separator Lid

    Does anyone where I can get one that uses 6" hoses?

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