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  1. G

    RBI Hawk-mobile base-Jet mortising-beams

    I am cleaning out and have some items free to the first person to come and get them. RBI Hawk scroll saw, nice, perfect condition, but I was never able fix the blade attachment. Brand new Delta Mobile base 50-325, in an unopened box for the last ten years. A Jet mortising machine, bench top...
  2. Berta

    Basket Box

    Part of our Scrollsaw challenge this month was to build a box. This is Basket Weave. By Steve Good.
  3. 51359938-67CE-41B5-AF67-50FB9C7CBC5F.jpeg


    Tiger frame, shadow box type frame in walnut
  4. 98280ABB-273A-405E-86C7-44A59D5D7480.jpeg


    Tiger, 3/8” yellow heart
  5. B3DC08CD-2D69-4B8A-8761-FC0FF9351A7D.jpeg


    Lily on maple
  6. B2C21E3A-F357-4657-A175-5B9477794FF7.jpeg


    Butterfly and daisy
  7. 9D2D91D2-6BD2-418D-8D5E-6A64954EA1DC.jpeg


    Daisy on Box Elder wood
  8. 856654E7-9A05-4A5D-BFB1-BC2EE7915678.jpeg


    Rose on cherry wood
  9. Berta

    Fretwork box

    This is a fretwork box made from 1/4” honey locust
  10. Berta

    Workshop on Scroll Saw Inlay Liberty, NC

    It has been brought to my attention that my previous post was confusing. Description of Workshop a. Topics to be covered: Bevel cut inlay on the Scroll Saw b. Instructor names: Berta and Scott M c. List of materials that attendees need to bring 2 pieces about 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 x 3/4 to 1”...
  11. Berta

    Bevel Cut Inlay on the Scroll Saw

    THIS IS A WORKSHOP CLASS THAT I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON ! The class is finally ready to go! This is the project I am teaching. I will also have my flocking kit and will demonstrate how to flock the inside of your box. You will need the following materials: 2 pieces about 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 x 3/4 to...
  12. Berta

    Who is ready for a Beginners Scroll Saw Workshop?

    I am willing to teach an Introduction To Scroll Saw Workshop. This will teach you about blade selection, different ways to attach patterns, drilling holes and the way I do things. This will also give you practice pieces to work on. I will show the different ways to do different cuts. You...
  13. Berta

    Surprise from Charles Dearing

    I was able to cut a project that Charles Dearing was testing. I was just one of several people doing this. It is a layered design. I was very proud of myself! The patterns are called Layered Open Window Scroll Saw Patterns by Charles Dearing. They are for sale at...
  14. Berta

    Two to go!

    I did make a couple of Christmas gifts. Finished today. Giraffe is elm. Ornament is a unknown special wood from the extravaganza a few years ago. Both are Steve Good Patterens. Scrollsaw
  15. Berta

    Eagle Hunter

    Cherry, finished with Danish Oil
  16. Berta

    iPad stand

    I am am looking forward for Saturday!
  17. Berta

    Intarsia Snowman

    I completed another intarsia project This is a Snowman. He was difficult. There are some gaps. I still like him. I might have to try it again. Woods used, Poplar, pine, cherry, walnut, birch

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