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    Basket Box

    Part of our Scrollsaw challenge this month was to build a box. This is Basket Weave. By Steve Good.
  2. 51359938-67CE-41B5-AF67-50FB9C7CBC5F.jpeg


    Tiger frame, shadow box type frame in walnut
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    Tiger, 3/8” yellow heart
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    Lily on maple
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    Butterfly and daisy
  6. 9D2D91D2-6BD2-418D-8D5E-6A64954EA1DC.jpeg


    Daisy on Box Elder wood
  7. 856654E7-9A05-4A5D-BFB1-BC2EE7915678.jpeg


    Rose on cherry wood
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    Fretwork box

    This is a fretwork box made from 1/4” honey locust
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    Workshop on Scroll Saw Inlay Liberty, NC

    It has been brought to my attention that my previous post was confusing. Description of Workshop a. Topics to be covered: Bevel cut inlay on the Scroll Saw b. Instructor names: Berta and Scott M c. List of materials that attendees need to bring 2 pieces about 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 x 3/4 to 1”...
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    Bevel Cut Inlay on the Scroll Saw

    THIS IS A WORKSHOP CLASS THAT I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON ! The class is finally ready to go! This is the project I am teaching. I will also have my flocking kit and will demonstrate how to flock the inside of your box. You will need the following materials: 2 pieces about 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 x 3/4 to...
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    Who is ready for a Beginners Scroll Saw Workshop?

    I am willing to teach an Introduction To Scroll Saw Workshop. This will teach you about blade selection, different ways to attach patterns, drilling holes and the way I do things. This will also give you practice pieces to work on. I will show the different ways to do different cuts. You...
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    Surprise from Charles Dearing

    I was able to cut a project that Charles Dearing was testing. I was just one of several people doing this. It is a layered design. I was very proud of myself! The patterns are called Layered Open Window Scroll Saw Patterns by Charles Dearing. They are for sale at...
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    Two to go!

    I did make a couple of Christmas gifts. Finished today. Giraffe is elm. Ornament is a unknown special wood from the extravaganza a few years ago. Both are Steve Good Patterens. Scrollsaw
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    Eagle Hunter

    Cherry, finished with Danish Oil
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    iPad stand

    I am am looking forward for Saturday!
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    Intarsia Snowman

    I completed another intarsia project This is a Snowman. He was difficult. There are some gaps. I still like him. I might have to try it again. Woods used, Poplar, pine, cherry, walnut, birch

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