1. tri4sale

    *** SOLD *** SawStop Titanium Series Saw Blades - New in box

    *** SOLD *** 2 New in Box SawStop Titanium Saw Blades Model #: BTS-P-80HATB - 10" Plywood and solid surface blade. Retails for $89.00 on Amazon. Model #: BTS-R-40ATP - 10" Ripping and crosscut blade. 40 tooth. Retails for $69.00 on Amazon. $150 retail value. Sell for $100.00 Will ship...
  2. ntboardman

    New Haul Brag

    Gentlemen (and ladies), Have to brag a bit. Was able to purchase a 5hp, Sawstop with 52in fence for $1200. I feel like I got a great deal! Basically never used, and all the original accessories.
  3. E

    The Maker's Space - Raleigh

    Hello, my name is Matt. I have a small furniture business called Enkle Designs but my father and I (both experienced woodworkers) have recently opened a shared woodworking shop/woodworking co-op. :eusa_danc We are offering membership and residency at The Maker's Space for woodworkers, metal...
  4. Asheville Hardware

    Sawstop Demo In Asheville This Saturday 3/22

    Greetings NCWWers, Just a brief announcement here: We will be hosting an informal in-store Sawstop demonstration this Saturday at 2PM. If you find yourself in the Asheville area, please drop by and say hello! See more here: Kind Regards, Dan Kostin Asheville Hardware 10 Buxton Ave...
  5. Colli-Beck zero clearance insert plate for SawStop

    Colli-Beck zero clearance insert plate for SawStop

  6. Colli-Beck zero clearance insert plate for SawStop

    Colli-Beck zero clearance insert plate for SawStop

  7. Colli-Beck zero clearance insert plate for SawStop

    Colli-Beck zero clearance insert plate for SawStop

  8. Colli-Beck zero clearance insert plate for SawStop

    Colli-Beck zero clearance insert plate for SawStop

  9. Mike Camp

    SawStop Contractor Table Saw $1500 on Raleigh CL

    Not mine. Looks like you could save a few bucks if you were in the market for one. Also he has it posted on lumberjocks for $1400 so you might ask for the special woodworker discount ;)
  10. Rhythm House Drums

    Adjusting sawstop fence

    Sawstop fence issue Ok, I took a video of my issue. My dial is snug in there so that's not the issue. Also the fence is not moving. My shed isn't insulated yet and can get pretty hot/humid. Could the MDF have swelled at the end. Any suggestions?
  11. Tim Sherwood

    Sawstop update

    Thanks, to all of you who advised me about how to spec out a new sawstop. I picked up mine today in Winston. I started out thinking that the basic contractors model would fill the bill. But with your advice, and a large dose of rationalizing, I came home with a 3hp pro cabinet model. Sawstop has...
  12. Tim Sherwood

    sawstop recommendations

    My Delta contractors saw and I have been partners for 15 years. That ended last Friday when it chewed off a chunk of my finger. I am the woodshop teacher for two of our grandkids. I feel really sick when I think about "what if ". So, I am going to order a Sawstop contractors saw. Adding a...
  13. merrill77

    Sawstop erroneous brake incident report

    As some of you may recall, I had the brake on my Sawstop PCS fire back in January, shortly after I bought it. I assumed that it was a result of the wood I was cutting (Ipe) or some small piece of metal on my crosscut sled or table (I'd been doing some metal work and had bits and pieces...
  14. manfre

    Sawstop SketchUp Models

    There were a few potential SawStop purchasers interested in using SketchUp to model their shops, I finally got around to sharing the component models I created for the Professional Cabinet Saw. I created versions with the 36" and 52" rails to help with potential workshop layouts. Links for...
  15. merrill77

    Sawstop incident report

    Blade brake triggered today. Injury was not prevented -- as I was never in any danger of injury. I'm quite puzzled as to the cause. I had just made the 3rd cut using my crosscut sled. Cut was finished and I had pulled the sled back to the front of the blade. The sled was likely still partially...
  16. blbradford

    JJP12-HH J/P Combo VS. SawStop

    Couple of weeks ago some of our colleagues stopped by and toured my shop and wood projects. I discussed my desires to replace my BT3100 TS with a SawStop PCS. They indicated that the BT3100 was not the POS that I thought it was. I also pointed out that I have been bumming off my neighbors...
  17. manfre

    Sawstop $1500 on CL (Durham)

    Not Mine I bought the saw and started traveling for work. It is currently sitting in my basement with other tools. I am now moving. Would like to sell it. I have the original bill of...
  18. E

    Retrofit Benchdog ProMax to Sawstop ICS

    I purchased a Benchdog ProMax cast iron extension wing router table for my Sawstop ICS. The Sawstop ICS is 30" deep vs. the traditional 27" depth of normal table saws. I searched the web for someone who had done this and I did not find anything. So away I went. View image in gallery...
  19. SawstopWithPromax


    Retrofit Benchdog ProMax to Sawstop ICS
  20. blbradford

    SawStop Table Saw: 1.75HP vs 3HP

    Considering a new table saw I am wondering if you might have an opinion of how much the extra 1.25HP is really worth it? I can run the 220V easy enough but is the extra HP really going to make a difference. Although a perfectionist, I am a hobbyist, not a professional. I am using a 1.5HP...

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