1. rolling_rack_sm_side


  2. rolling_rack_sheet_side


  3. Rolling rack sheet goods side

    Rolling rack sheet goods side

  4. rolling rack end

    rolling rack end

  5. rolling rack sm side

    rolling rack sm side

  6. Magnolia Rolling Pin

    Magnolia Rolling Pin

    Wood: Southern Magnolia Finish: Varathane Satin Gloss Polyurathene Length: 12 inches
  7. IMG_07093


    White Oak Rolling Tool Chest
  8. White Oak Rolling Tool Chest

    White Oak Rolling Tool Chest

    White Oak Rolling Tool Chest
  9. DWSmith

    Completed Rolling Maple Island

    Just have completed this project and it will go to the forwarding company for shipment tomorrow. The finish is Watco Danish oil, 2 coats sanded in between. A final wax coat will be added tomorrow morning to make it slick and smooth to the touch. The top is coated in mineral oil, allowed to...
  10. Mike Davis

    Antique rolling pin repair.

    The end pin was broke at the joint had to drill out the hole, turn a new pin, drill it to accept the original pin, turn down the old pin to fit inside the new one, and glue everything back together. Good as... well... old. :rotflm:
  11. Mark Stewart

    wood for rolling pin

    The boss has stated(demanded) a new rolling pin. Any suggestiong on type of wood. Thanks Mark
  12. S

    Ideas for linear rolling shelves?

    I'm soliciting design and hardware ideas to facilitate linear motion of small stacks of cubbies. The end goal is that three independently movable sets of shelves can slide out of the way to provide access to the fixed set of cubby shelves behind them. Hopefully the pictures make my intentions...
  13. S

    French Rolling Pin

    Completed my first wood turning project. It is a french rolling pin.
  14. L

    Rolling Pin

    I made my daughters rolling pins for x-mas. Well they were for x-mas but after many starts a stops I finally got them finished. I hate when a seemingly simple job becomes not so simple! Here is a pic of one of them. Maple roller with Purple Heart handles and oak stand. Jeff
  15. F

    CLT CL: 6" Jet jointer with rolling base, $250
  16. L

    wood rolling pins?

    Hi everyone, Not sure if this is where I should post this ? But lets give it a try. I found a woodworking article on line on making a wood rolling pins. I thought I had bookmarked it. but apparently I did not. I remember the process, but it sure would be nice to have the article to refer...
  17. SteveColes

    Rolling Pin Repair

    I was asked to if I could repair a rolling pin.This pin was the wife's mothers and it been sitting around for many years unused. One handle and spindle was broken and the others missing. The barrel has holes in the end where a spindle is first inserted into the hole in the handle and then press...
  18. TedAS

    Rolling lathe cabinet

    I started building a mobile lathe cabinet this weekend and thought I would share the method I use to retract the casters. I learned about this technique working as a set designer for a community theater. I needed a way to move large set pieces into position and then lock them so they would...
  19. Douglas Robinson

    Maple or Beechwood for Rolling pins

    I need to find three pieces of 12/4 maple or Beechwood at least 16" long for three rolling pins I have been commisioned to make. Anyone got any or have any suggestions? Klingspor in Raleigh tried but has nothing. I am goingto call East Wake Hardwoods later. Doug

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