1. MrAudio815

    Natural Gas Heater?

    Hey Everyone, I know it's early, but my wife said to me the other day, you better get looking into a heater for this garage~! It's Gonna get really cold in the winter (I'm in Logan Utah). At first I couldn't believe my wife was telling me to buy something.:elvis: Anyway I have a Natural Gas...
  2. Cherry Natural Edged Bowl

    Cherry Natural Edged Bowl

    Natural edged cherry bowl with cherry blossoms
  3. sawduster

    natural edge bowl

    Man O Man I have developed a new respect for you folks turning those gorgeous natural-edge bowls :notworthy: This was challenging on many levels and I finally reached a stage where " this is as good as it's going to get from my hand " and I stopped The wood is maple I got from Phillip and it...
  4. H

    Finishing a natural edge bowl?

    I have tried a few natural edge bowl, including the one that was the subject of this thread Now I am ready to attempt to finish this. How do you treat the bark in finishing a natural edge piece? So far I...
  5. HMH

    Where can I find live/ natural edge ERC?

    Hey Folks, My parents recently bought a vacation property near Boone, and I'd like to make them a sign for the front gate as part of their Christmas presents. Being a vacation spot, I'd like to keep it non-formal, and I'd really like to get my hands on a couple live edge/ natural edge ERC...
  6. CarvedTones

    small (4") natural edge cherry bowl

    It's a bit rough; the first thing I have done with a "real" bowl gouge. I said I was going to just stick with spindles, but some of the wood I have collected just cries out for it...
  7. Fruit Bowl

    Fruit Bowl

    A White Oak bowl from a 250 year old Sampson County, storm damaged tree. Apples and Grapes from North Carolina Eastern Red Cedar, Banana from NC Maple, Pear from NC Spalted White Oak.
  8. Trent Mason

    First natural edged bowl

    I scored some free cypress from a very nice gentleman today (via craigslist). Two logs, about 10" wide and 4' or 5' long. There was also a 4"x6"x5' plank that he had milled to use as a mantle. Fortunately for me, he never got around to it and it sat in his shed for 10 years. He was very...
  9. B

    Natural Edge Bubinga Coffee Table (w/pics)

    My wife saw a natural edge coffee table (walnut I think) in a magazine and asked me to build one for her. She asked about the time I had just finished my desktop and I had a what I thought was just about a useless piece of wood at the time because of its shape and because it was very warped...
  10. First Natural Edge Bowl

    First Natural Edge Bowl

    Here is my first attempt at a natural edge bowl. Black Walnut Managed to only knock off 1 bit of bark.
  11. K

    Natural gas space heater operating cost ?

    We are looking at a renovated older house to buy. There was a screen poarch that has been turned into a sun room. The room is heated with a free standing natural gas heater. The windows are double pane. The room is about 13x30 and has a concrete on grade floor. The house also has a gas water...
  12. NZAPP1

    Turning a natural edge end grain bowl

    I found this article and thought I would share it.

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