1. Canuck

    Mitered Frame ?

    I am probably over thinking this a little, but............ When cutting mitered frames, we all know that the two horizontal and the two vertical pieces of the frame must be the exactly the same length. In the past, when working with frames of roughly 5 x 7, 8 x 10, 11 x 14 etc. (standard photo...
  2. Bathroom Ensemble

    Bathroom Ensemble

    Three Piece w/doors shown, but not attached
  3. Bathroom Ensemble

    Bathroom Ensemble

    Three Piece w/o Doors Attached
  4. Bathroom Ensemble

    Bathroom Ensemble

    Bathroom Vainty - Oak Ply with Oak FF and Oak Draw-fronts w/o door attached
  5. Bathroom Ensemble

    Bathroom Ensemble

    Bathroom Wall Cabinet - Oak Ply w/Oak FF, w/o doors attached
  6. Bathroom Ensemble

    Bathroom Ensemble

    Bathroom Medicine Cabinet - Solid Oak, w/o doors installed
  7. B

    Mitered Panel Doors

    Looking to make some flat panel mitered doors for some cabinets, but am wondering how to strengthen the miters. My kitchen cabinets have mitered flat panel doors. When I look at the inside of them, there appears to be a corrogated(?) fastener driven into each corner (slipped between the panel...
  8. S

    Mitered Scraps of Art

    While working on my first picture frame, I kept the mitered ends, because I liked their geometry. I was so smitten, I decided I had to make something out of them. I came up with this: View image in gallery I also had the the remnants of cove from the frame that I used to "frame" the...
  9. erasmussen

    frame mitered segment part 3 adding rings and turning

    Frame mitered segment Part 3 adding rings and turning Now that we have the base ready its time to add the segmented rings and turn. The base has been turned flat and smoothed, the first ring has also been flattened and smoothed on one side. I apply tb2 to the ring then rub it on...
  10. erasmussen

    Frame mitered segment part 2

    Frame mitered segment Part 2 the base Ok boys and girls, lets make a base for are turning. Some folks use a 1 piece base, but because of possible wood movement I use a segmented base. Segmented bases can be built with all the segments coming together in the center, but I have...
  11. erasmussen

    Frame mitered segment Part 1

    Ok guys and gals, we got started on segments how to's So lets do a frame mitered segment turning, my way (of course its not the only way). Frame mitered segmented turning cutting segments glueing segments I am going to show 16 segmented rings, I do others also, but this I will use 16 I...
  12. L

    Half mitered lap joing

    Does anyone have any hints on achieving the perfect half mitered lap joint? I have used two versions from Woodsmith and come along fine until the mitered cuts are made to join the pieces together. They are lined up looking from the rear of the tablesaw even with the corner, looks simple but I...

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