1. Grit12Gauge

    Made plans but new to woodworking and need help with joints

    I’m new to woodworking and have a novice skill set. I had an awesome idea pop in my head, so I watched YouTube and learned how to use sketch up. I made the piece but not sure if the base of this “dresser” type piece will work. HELP!!! Do these joints make sense and how should I attack this?
  2. rick7938

    Melamine Jointery

    I am going to make some cabinets for my pantry using melamine for the box, poplar for the face frames since they will be painted to match the other cabinets, and painted beadboard for the exposed ends. What is the preferred method of joining the tops and bottoms to the sides? Will dadoes and...
  3. woodguy1975

    Jointery Class Pics!!!!!!

    Well, folks we have pics so it did happen. :) We had a great day. Everyone did very well. Doing good fitting hand cut dovetails is an act of patience. Thanks to Barbara for bringing food and drinks. That was excellent. I keep asking her to come next week during the chair class to bring food, but...
  4. woodguy1975

    Interest in a Jointery Class????

    I was wondering if there was interest in having a jointery class in my shop sometime soon. If you are interested speak up. If we get 3 or more individuals I'll look at my schedule and fit it in. :) Thanks, John
  5. DaveO

    Small drawer box jointery??

    I am in the planning stages of my wife's long over due birthday present, a jewelry box. The book that I am stealing the basis for my design from calls for drawer sides and front/backs to be 5/16" thick, 1.5-2.5" tall and 8" wide x 7" deep drawer boxes with butt dadoed joints. What would be...

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