1. S

    Quick Tip for half shelves in eCabinets

    Do you use half shelves in your cabinets? Well here is a great tip that you can use in eCabinets to make the front inset adjust automatically every time you change the depth.
  2. C

    Options for concealed hinges on 3/8" inset cabinet doors.

    Hello all, I stumbled on this site while searching for replacement hinges for my old 3/8" inset cabinet doors, it's good to see someplace like this dedicated to the local community! Regardless, I'm trying to update the hinges on my old 3/8" inset kitchen cabinets and I really wanted to use...
  3. RSM

    Blum inset hinges

    Hey all, This is my first post on NC Woodworker. I've really enjoyed reading the forums and have learned quite a bit from the many helpful members. So, I finally have a general question here.... I'm making a small cabinet and am using Blum inset hinges for the doors (I found a really good...
  4. DaveO

    Twisted inset doors -FIXED

    I just mounted the doors in the lower cab of my kitchen hutch. They have a slight twist to them, about a 1/8". They are inset, flat panel doors with two panels per door. Other than remaking them, which I have already done once :BangHead: :BangHead: any suggestions as how to either take out the...

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