1. C

    ENC Hardwood Supply

    Looking for a good source of dimensional hardwood lumber (namely cherry, maple, hickory, alder) in eastern NC. Preferably 3/4" thick and up, and 12"-14"wide. No jointer or plainer, so would be nice to have something that's ready to go. I do a lot of CNC carvings, and am tired of Lowe's red...
  2. G

    Hardwood and other workshop items

    I am cleaning out a basement workshop of equipment, tools, hardware, and lumber and not sure where to sell it (I am not the woodworker). Specifically with the lumber, I believe I have walnut and oak. I have 17 pieces of walnut (total of 77.85 bd ft) and 2 pieces of oak (total of 11.14 bd ft)...
  3. Lumber and Plywood Purchase

    Lumber and Plywood Purchase

    Lumber I purchased from the Hardwood Store of NC
  4. J

    Hardwood in or near Fayetteville

    Hello, I am new to the Fayetteville area, and I am trying to find somewhere besides Lowe's and Home Depot that sells S4S hardwood, preferrably red oak. I am missing table legs for a kitchen table I am building. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. Gotcha6

    The Hardwood Store Tree Ornament Contest

    The Hardwood Store is sponsoring a Tree Ornament contest. Information regarding entry and rules are in the link below. Anyone interested in making a wooden ornament for their tree can submit to to the address on the bulletin. We'd also invite you to post your entry here on the site for...
  6. Closest we have to a group photo

    Closest we have to a group photo

  7. B

    Ash @ Dean Hardwood's

    Ordered some Ash from Dean Hardwoods Friday (see Ad at right). Had it milled S4S 15/16" X 3" X 10.' "Chad" priced it by the pc @ $13.34 ea. Picked it up today; the stuff was clean & straight with minimal imperfections. A good deal. I'll be back. happy WWing, Bob
  8. UncleJoe

    looking for source for hardwood in East NC

    Great forum, I am really enjoying it. I live in New Bern NC and would like to find a good source for furniture grade hardwood. Anyone know a good dealer.
  9. bluthart

    Hardwood Floor Acclimation?

    I am getting ready to install 5" wide solid oak prefinished flooring and 2 1/4" in another room. What is the proper way to acclimate the flooring? Is leaving them in the box OK if they are in the house? It has been boxed and in the house since July. Any input is appreciated - thanks!
  10. ScottM

    Shout out for The Hardwood Store

    Just before Irene arrived I made a trip to The Hardwood Store. Cheryl had gotten me some great looking 1/8" Oak plywood. Great stuff for scrolling. Better yet at a super price. I got two sheets(4x8) and two sheets of Baltic Birch(5x5). I also loaded up on some maple "shorts". If you have...
  11. L

    GSO Craigslist: hardwood lumber

    Not mine... sounds (too?) good http://greensboro.craigslist.org/mat/2560883714.html Hardwood lumber. Air drying for at least 2 years. Red oak White Oak Cherry Walnut Pine Red Cedar (Wide and Beautiful) Ambrosia Maple $.50 to 1.00 per bd/ft Location: Greensboro it's NOT ok to contact...
  12. B

    Anchor hardwood

    Has anyone gone to the Anchor Hardwood store on Old Wake Forest Rd? Selection? Prices? I saw their ad in the NO News, ALL ADS & Observer today. Their web site only lists a store in Wilmington
  13. Mike Camp

    Hardwood Stairs Complete

    Just finished putting in some new hardwood stairs in our house. They were unfinished white oak treads made by Young Millworks in Kentucky and stained to match the floors. Still need to do some touch up paint on the skirt boards, but overall it is pretty much done. Before: View image in...
  14. stairs hardwood

    stairs hardwood

    stairs hardwood
  15. stairs hardwood

    stairs hardwood

    stairs hardwood
  16. stairs hardwood

    stairs hardwood

    stairs hardwood
  17. stairs hardwood

    stairs hardwood

    stairs hardwood
  18. Scott Kuykendall

    Hardwood Source Charlotte to Spartanburg Area

    I was wondering if any one knows of some where that sells small Qty of hardwood between Charlotte Airport and Spartanburg. I have to take the Family to the airport Thur and need a a about 10 bf of 5/4 Ash and didn't know if there is a place along my route. I e-mailed Advantage Lumber in Grover...
  19. Mike Davis

    8/4 hardwood wanted

    8/4 purpleheart, hard tiger maple and other colorful hardwoods wanted, scraps and shorts. Short pieces are fine at least 2 inches wide and 6 inches long. Not looking for premium retail priced turning squares. This is for turning tops for Haiti, longer pieces may be used for turning and...
  20. Bugle

    Hardwood floor question

    We are going to remove the carpet from our family room and replace it with hardwood flooring; either standard 3/4" or some of the newer engineered wood. I talked with one flooring company and they said that either way, the particle board over the sub floor will have to be removed because they...

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