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  11. D

    Installing a Dust Collector

    I have a small shop where I do small stuff and some turnings on the lathe. My question is I have a dust collector from HF, I know it isn't the best but at the price I could not pass it up. I want to remove the motor and impeller assy and mount it to the block wall to allow room for the chip...
  12. S

    Delta dust collector clogging

    I hace a 720-1 hp and a 750 1 1/2 hp. Both clog rige at the grill that is in front of the impeller blades. I have tried different lents of 4 inch hose and it still clogs. One DC is connected to a Dewalt 13 inch planner and the other is connected to a Powermatic 650 jointer. I am considering...
  13. AngusMac

    Delta 1 Hp Dust Collector (ebay, Charlotte area pickup)

    Not a bad deal for this small dust collector. Auction ends at 8:55 tonight. Local pick up in Charlotte. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290399964703&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT
  14. AngusMac

    Can a dust collector be used as a central vacuum?

    My girlfriend's mother's house was nearly completed when her husband, who designed its vast majority, died suddenly. The house is designed for a central vac system but the central vac itself was never purchased. We've all come upon hard times and it doesn't seem likely that any of us is...
  15. S

    Oneida 2.5Hp Super Dust Gorilla - $1250 (Cary)

    Not mine. Don't know if HOT, WARM, or COLD?, but..... Oneida 2.5Hp Super Dust Gorilla - $1250 (Cary) Date: 2010-02-08, 11:01AM EST Reply to: sale-9ggyq-1591269977@craigslist.org [Errors when replying to ads?] This dust gorilla is about 1.5 years old (still under warranty) and has been...
  16. R

    Remote Switch for Dust Collector

    Does anyone have any experience with the remote switches sold by Klingspor? They appear to be functionally the same (but with an extra remote switch) as the more expensive ones at Woodcraft, but are they? Any info will be appreciated. Yes. I'm cheap and would rather spend the extra $20 on...
  17. B

    HF 2 HP Dust Collector On BIG Sale!

    In the February/March issue of American Woodworker, Harbor Freight advertised their 2hp DC for $139.99. Regularly $199, even with their 20% discount coupons, is still $180. So this is a GOOD PRICE! Like the Ridgid bandsaw gloat I just experienced, I'll be heading to the Wilmington HF for...
  18. timf67

    Another one bites the dust

    I guess the economy still hasn't recovered. I was laid off this morning joining the ranks of several of us NCWW'ers. I had a feeling it was coming, but it still sucks. BUT- I am still getting that BCT JMP V2!
  19. IMG_05453


    Close up of the unit.

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