1. LED lights in shelving

    LED lights in shelving

  2. Original Rack 2

    Original Rack 2

  3. Original rack

    Original rack

  4. Angle shelves

    Angle shelves

  5. Slide out top

    Slide out top

  6. M

    Wine Cellar Epilogue

    My client asked me to come over today to get some additional pictures of the Wine Cellar Storage Unit I built for them and I took (and he took) a few more shots with some wine bottles and glasses in place. And one of "Yours Truly" saluting the Owner with an empty glass! Rob
  7. Wine Cellar Project

    Wine Cellar Project

    Wine Cellar Storage Unit (nine feet wide by six feet high) fabricated in White Oak, White Oak plywood with an African Mahogany counter top and tasting table. Will hold about 30 cases in pullout bins, diamond bins and individual slots. Completed October 2006
  8. Wine Cellar WIP

    Wine Cellar WIP

    Pattern following bit for Bottle Shelf
  9. Wine Cellar WIP

    Wine Cellar WIP

    Bottle Shelf after routing pocket, pattern routing perimeter and rounding over edges.
  10. M

    Wine Cellar Project - WIP w/ Pics

    I'm just getting started on a commission project to build a Wine Cellar storage unit for some friends and thought I'd share some preliminary stuff. It is another collaboration with Steve DeWeese. Plan Elevation The lower diamond and pullout bins are 19" deep and the upper shelves and...

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