1. Nice table - Professional category winner

    Nice table - Professional category winner

  2. Joe Lyddon

    Category Thumbnail links... not seen when clicked.

    Hi, I'm looking at this page: Down the left/center are thumbnails of what to expect to be seen in the group. Well, I saw a small box that I made & posted a long time ago.. (little box with lid resting on top... Red background). I think to myself...
  3. M

    New Link Library Category

    At the suggestion of Gotcha6 (Dennis Reynolds), we have added a new category in the Link Library entitled "Woodworking Videos". Please feel free to add a link to public domain videos where the video was created by a non-NCWoodworker. Please avoid adding a link to a site that requires a member...
  4. merrill77

    1st place in the "dumbest power tool injury" category

    It is my night off, so I should be getting some quality time in the shop. Instead I am nursing my left pinkie finger which will have no fingerprint for a while. It is somewhat embarassing to admit to injuring myself on a power tool that WAS NOT PLUGGED IN! :gar-Cr I was moving my Shop Fox...
  5. A

    In the "I'm not worthy" category . . . .

    Another beautiful creation by Chico Sakman over on WoodCentral!!
  6. Bas

    Category STOOPID: Ridgid planer knife orientation

    I spent the day cleaning the gunk off my jointer- and planer knives. I now have one cut on my left finger, and one cut on my right thumb. At least they're still sharp! I made the mistake of removing BOTH planer knives at the same time. That wasn't too smart. I think I put them back the right...
  7. M

    New Download Library Category

    I have just added a new Category to our Downloads Library entitled "Wood Turning" and have added a marvelous file entitled "Introduction to Turned Boxes" by Mike Stafford, our very own Big Mike. Mike sent me a CD and I have created a PDF file that is less than a third the size of his original...

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