1. Lilly


  2. MrAudio815

    PineWood Derby Rocket Car - Pic's & Video

    Hello NCWW's, We had our Anything Goes PineWood Derby on Wednesday last week. Would you believe that another contestant brought a compressed air car. His car was cool, and I was scared I might lose...:eusa_doh: Well here are some pictures of my can and his. Not sure how to upload the video...
  3. S

    Passenger Car Tires Deal _ Need New Set

    Looking for a "KillerDeal" for Tires (Wifes Car) 60-70k miles rated Radials Size: P215/60 R17 -95T Any sales ( 3 for 1) etc........ Or Dealer recommends in Greater Cary/Raleigh area? Thanks
  4. Klingspor 2009

    Klingspor 2009

    Dave, Bob, Matt, Pete - alias Davedf, Bobcatbob,Splint Eastwood, peteb301
  5. sawduster

    Scrolled car

    Some of you saw this at the pic-a-nic but I wanted to try the new upload software so I experimented with this Took me almost a month to do and even then made some joinery boo-boos :BangHead: Maple and walnut, the top is wood from a pallet that I joined and planed . Seat profiles were hand...
  6. car4


  7. car3


  8. car2


  9. car


  10. ScottM

    Is Ed's car for sale pushing it?

    I know times are tough, but don't we normally discourage items for sale in the off topics forum? Just throwing this out for discussion. I can go either way on this one...:dontknow:
  11. jsjordan

    Splinter: The Wooden Car !

    How Cool is this?? I saw a thread earlier this year about this project "in progress" but it's finally completed. Built in Durham, this project sounds like a great "guest speaker" at next years picnic? :eusa_danc WOOD magazine this month has an article about the completed project and is...
  12. CarvedTones

    A/C for a 2 car garage/shop

    This time of year I get almost nothing done because of the heat. It's been compounded this year by having a lot of stuff in the garage, but it is down to tight, but manageable now. I am thinking about the possible options for cooling. I do hve a window, but I am in a Cary neighborhood and a...
  13. J

    Car Pool To Charlotte 3-08

    Next Saturday, a group of us will meet at the MacDonalds at Lake Pine and HWY 64 west in Apex. (Please park in the outer side of the lot a Krogers.) We will meet at 7:30 AM, have breakfast and leave for the Woodworking Show at 8:00 AM. We can stop in Pittsboro at the Lowes Home Improvement Store...
  14. johnpipe108

    Car fixed -- I have work space again!

    My 1983 Subaru 4WD Turbo wagon suffered a broken drive-axle on December 23, and took up half the garage space until a few days ago when my son-in-law was finally able to deal with getting the parts prepped by the machine shop and intalling them. Here's some views of the now available again...
  15. MikeL

    Seeking advice on 2 car garage conversion to shop

    Hey guys, this is only my second post as a newbie. I have read several posts where your generous guidance has helped other NCWW members, so I thought that I would pick your collective brain! My wife has agreed to hand over the entire garage space for my future shop barring I agree to scrape...
  16. J

    New Shop - 2 Car Garage

    I'll be moving in a few weeks to my new home in which I intend to use my 2 car garage as my shop. Problem is there is a gas hot water heater in the shop. Any of you guys have this same problem, and if so what precautions or preventions to you take. Obviously don't dump sawdust close to it, but...

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