1. WONC Slabs for Auction/Sale

    WONC Slabs for Auction/Sale

  2. B

    Bubinga Hall Table

    This is my first post in quite sometime....I seem to have long periods of time where I don't get into the shop. I finished the hall table below for my wife as a Christmas present, it is the final table in a series I built out of bubinga with natural edges. In past few years I built the...
  3. Bubinga & Wenge Salad Bowl Set

    Bubinga & Wenge Salad Bowl Set

    This is made from flat stock bubinga and wenge, glued and cut with a scroll saw. I design my own patterns. The main bowl is 12" in diamter and the salad bowls are 8" in diameter.
  4. MrAudio815

    Bubinga Pen~! And Wood ID please

    Hey NCWW's, Over the Weekend I turned this Beautiful Bubinga Pen. I was going to turn more, but I found out Saturday at 1:30pm that we got the house to rent... It's a 4 bd, 1 ba, 2 car garage (Longer and wider than the garage I have now~!) and on a 1/2 acre...So huge garden here we...
  5. B

    Bubinga End Tables (w/pics)

    A little over a year ago I finished this coffee table, last weekend I finally finished end tables to go with the coffee table. Next year I hope to finish the matching hall table. Thought I would share some pictures...the tables are unique if nothing else! Coffee Table: View image in...
  6. JRD

    Bubinga Bowl

    For two years this piece of Bubinga has been sitting around after I received it as a Christmas gift from my youngest daughter. Only two inches thick, I kept wondering what to do with it so finally I decided on a shallow bowl. Wow, I like Bubinga's grain...
  7. Bubinga Bowl

    Bubinga Bowl

    Piece of wood given to me as a Christmas gift two years ago.
  8. B

    Natural Edge Bubinga Coffee Table (w/pics)

    My wife saw a natural edge coffee table (walnut I think) in a magazine and asked me to build one for her. She asked about the time I had just finished my desktop and I had a what I thought was just about a useless piece of wood at the time because of its shape and because it was very warped...
  9. Douglas Robinson

    Bubinga Bowl

    I turned my first bowl on my new Jet Lathe. It is from one piece of Bubinga. It was fun. Let me know what ya all think.
  10. BCT22 - Countertop with High Gloss Finish

    BCT22 - Countertop with High Gloss Finish

    The final coat of Rockhard Tabletop Varnish with its high gloss look. While it looks great, the surface was contaminated with small bits of hardened varnish from a less-than-clean brush. And the customer decided they wanted a satin finish versus this high gloss.
  11. BCT24 - Satin Finish Top

    BCT24 - Satin Finish Top

    The client wanted the varnish rubbed out to a Satin Finish -- three hours of careful sanding to remove the "nits" with 320 grit followed by 400, 600 and then 800 grit. Compare with BCT
  12. BCT23 - Contaminated Varnish

    BCT23 - Contaminated Varnish

    Small varnish "nits" introduced during final coat from a contaminated brush
  13. BCT21 - View from the Kitchen

    BCT21 - View from the Kitchen

    The countertop sits right behind the kitchen sink and its stone backsplash. I sealed the 1/8" gap between the backsplash and the Bubinga with clear silicone caulk.
  14. BCT20 - View from Dining Room

    BCT20 - View from Dining Room

    Here's a view from the Dining Room looking toward the countertop and the kitchen. The reflection off the drywall below the countertop is from Lexan I installed to protect the wall from being scuffed by careless feet sitting on stools...
  15. BCT19 - Pet's Eye View

    BCT19 - Pet's Eye View

    A view from down low...
  16. BCT18 - Moment of Truth!

    BCT18 - Moment of Truth!

    My key issue was getting the 3 angle supports at the right height and coplanar with each other and the top of the stub wall (it was -- thanks to carefull use of a 4' level when installing the vertical members!). Less than 1/16" error which was taken up with a bed of clear silicone caulk on...
  17. BCT17 - Bracket Closeup

    BCT17 - Bracket Closeup

    The angle piece tenons were glued and the top support dovetail pin lowered into the tail cut into the vertical. When seated, the brackets were at a perfect 90º angle and the tops flush with the top stud in the stub wall. I drilled holes into the far side of the horizontal and vertical members...
  18. BCT16 - Brackets Installed

    BCT16 - Brackets Installed

    After making careful saw cuts through the existing chair rail, the uprights were attached to the wall using a pair of 3/8" x 4" lag screws, hidden under the angle bracket when installed.
  19. BCT15 - Rockhard Table Top Varnish

    BCT15 - Rockhard Table Top Varnish

    Here's the varnish -- Behlen's very durable short oil varnish -- impervious to about anything.
  20. BCT14 - Top with First Top Coat

    BCT14 - Top with First Top Coat

    Both sides and all four edges were sealed with two coats (sanded with 320 grit and tack clothed) and then a final top coat of varnish -- one more to go!

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