1. Top Bar Beehives I made

    Top Bar Beehives I made

    Furniture for the bees
  2. cskipper

    Wicker baskets, bee & sunflower, purple flowers

    Here are a couple from the weekend. The first was a picture I took at a craft store (with permission). It looked intriguing. It is 8x10 and has 160 pieces. The second picture was taken by my cousin-in-law, Joan Freeman. It is also 8x10 and has 208 pieces. The next two I cut...
  3. Bee Bottom Board

    Bee Bottom Board

    Bee Bottom Board
  4. JackLeg

    Bee Hives

    Anybody ever built any bee hives? I've already hit the web sites about construction of a few types, so what I'm really interested in is your experience. (Wood type, joinery, how long to build one, etc. ) Thanks in advance for any input. :wsmile:
  5. I

    Bee Tree Hardwoods

    Wasn't sure where to post this but here goes. I needed just a few longer boards to finish a project I'm working on so not knowing where to go I looked in the yellow pages. I ended up at Bee Tree Hardwoods. They are located right next to Warren Wilson college on Bee Tree Lake Rd. They have...

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