1. M

    Away for Awhile

    I will be offline for the next five-six days as I will be traveling up to NY State to do some maintenance work on our family property in the Finger Lakes area. Hope to stop at Grizzly on my way. I plan to be back next Friday.
  2. TracyP

    It's been quiet for awhile.........

    Then this thread pops up. One that will require watching and maybe one that will implode. Just keep a watchful eye on it.
  3. M

    Away for Awhile

    I'm headed up to the Finger Lakes in NY to do some maintenance on our family summer place -- leaving Thursday 7/17 and hope to be back by Wednesday 7/23. I'll be away from any regular Internet connection, so I will need some assistance in watching over the threads here -- I'll try to sneak into...
  4. Threejs

    Set for turning stock for awhile

    I went home (in the mountains) today to help my father work around the yard. Ended up coming home with a 14" diameter black locust, and 2 8" dogwood trees. Tomorrow, or next weekend, I will cut them into bowl blanks and paint them up good for storage. While I was there, my mother asked me if I...
  5. M

    Away for Awhile

    Want to inform the staff that I'll be away for about a week -- leaving for Florida in the AM to help finalize the move to Hendersonville for my 94-year old Mom. She is selling her condominium in Port St. Lucie and is moving to a very nice Retirement Facility here in H-ville where she will be...
  6. thrt15nc

    Gonna go sit outside for awhile

    Turned the tools off, turned the lights off, closed up shop. Darn it. Darn it.
  7. DaveO

    A little something made awhile ago - pics

    This is my first try at a bandsaw box. Tried it soon after getting my Griz. 0555Z 14" BS. I laminated pieces of white cedar 2x6" left over frrom an pergola I built at work. Got the inspiration from Lois Ventura's Building Beautiful Boxes w/ your BS book....great book if your interested in this...
  8. DaveO

    A little chair I made awhile ago

    My wife asked if I could make a chair for my daughter, because she loved sitting in one at daycare. The daycare had to take the chairs away after a child stood up on one and fell off. The child was totally fine, the parents were not. It's made out of one 4/4 Red Oak board with jigsaw cut box...

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