1. Joe Scharle

    Doctor Alex is featured

    in todays Wood email newsletter :eusa_danc Congratulations Alex
  2. ScottM

    Alex is my hero

    Just rec'd the Sept issue of Wood Magazine. Much to my delight our own Alex Lesniak has a nice feature story about his turning pens for college. NCWW even gets a mention. WAY TO GO ALEX!!!!
  3. ScottM

    Happy birthday Alex

    :banana: HAPPY BIRTHDAY Alex :banana:
  4. PChristy

    Alex's YouTube video

    If anyone has not seen Alex's Youtube video here it is Alex I just want you to know that it is good to see such a young man taking on the responsibility for his college future in these days - I want to personally thank you for giving me hope in the...
  5. GeorgeL

    Alex was on TV!!!!! UPDATE

    A reporter from WRAL, Scott Mason the Tar Heel Traveler, saw the article in the South Wake News about Alex's pen business. He thought it would make a good segment for his show. Scott and his camera crew were at the house this morning for...
  6. R

    Alex doe's it again

    Went over to check out IAP and what do I see? Alex's beautiful celtic euro is the featured photo.Way to go Alex.
  7. MrAudio815

    Turnings from the past Month & Inspired By Alex

    Hey Everyone, I am back to get some more of the wonderful comments you have out there. Here are some turnings I did while my wife was in the Hosp and while my son was a sleep. Wish I had more than this, but hey you only have so much time, and with tilling up my back yard and re-planting...
  8. scsmith42

    Bragging on Alex!

    Many of you will recall a recent post by George L, about his 11 year old son Alex who became interested in pen making around a year ago. George posted a link to a video that Alex created for school, and the video features Alex making a pen - taking it from start to finish, including milling...
  9. TracyP

    Alex Entertains at The Show

    The Extravaganza went well for ncww. But the highlight of "our" show, was Alex and his wonderful pen turning demo. During the two days we all had a small audience for our demos, but when Alex stepped up to the stage, this is what happened: Thanks Rob for letting me borrow your...

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