Yard sale Saturday in Greensboro


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Thank toy for posting. This was a great sale. I picked up a Clifton spokeshave, Stanley No 4 , I think 1910-1920 vintage, 3 patent numbers and a Bailey No 6 circa 1920s. The planes were unusable condition, fully restored and sharp. The prices were excellent, actually too low 50% of EBay prices and no shipping. About average for a rusty flea market find but there is no cleanup required for these two. The Clifton is a vintage 550 and appears unused and has a box in perfect condition.

The best find to me was the elusive travisher. It is the brass spoon type and was priced at $5. I have seen a few on eBay at $35 and up plus shipping. I have been looking for a couple of years for one of these. I also purchased a scorp (brand?). I always wanted to try one and for $30, I can always resell it for the same amount if I do not like it.

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