Wide pine boards


New User
I have an old family heirloom table, the top of which is (2) pine boards, each 20 inches wide. I’d like to make another table just like it since this one is only 56 inches long - we need more seating when all the family is here. Is there any chance someone may know of a source for 20” wide pine boards (possibly reclaimed wood)? Sure, I can glue up narrower boards, but thought it would be nice if the tables were alike in that way. Thank you!

bob vaughan

Bob Vaughan
Senior User
There's a 'gotcha' detail in searching for and using wood like. Count the annular rings per inch on the outside of the existing boards. For you to get the same stability, I suspect you'll need to find boards with equal rings per inch. I suspect that there are sellers of wood they call "pine". but if it has 4 annular rings per inch, its likely to crawl out the door when the weather changes.

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